About Daniel

Hi, My name is Daniel. I am the one who dragged away the weeds and uncovered the Bloke Cave. It can get a little cold and dark in the Bloke Cave, so when I am not running the website, I like to venture out into the great outdoors.

I’m self-taught in web design and it has always been an ambition to one day make a website of my own…..Enter the Bloke Cave!

Personal Interests

In my spare time, I love growing things whether it’s websites or cucumbers. There is something rewarding about watching all your hard work come to fruition.

Before Founding the bloke cave I worked as a professional gardener for years. I still have a private allotment that I can tend to when I am not writing articles for the Bloke Cave. I’ll always have a fascination with gardening and ill always keep my green fingers in.

Me On My Allotment With My Trophy!
Me On My Allotment With My Trophy!

Here I am on my allotment with the trophy I won for the most improved allotment for the plot I just took over, next year I’m going for best overall!

I like to keep busy whether I’m indoors or out. I have always been a keen DIY’er and that’s why I decided to set up the bloke cave website in the first place.


I have a lot of my own first-hand DIY experience which I feel would be good to share with people. I have done lots of indoor and outdoor DIY projects and I feel like it would be good if people could learn with me along the way.

Having Sam onboard to criticise and encourage in equal measure has meant we have been able to attempt ever more ambitious DIY projects. Some of my personal favourites have been an Epoxy Resin River Table and a Parquet Floor.

We will endeavour to keep pushing ourselves out of our DIY comfort zone. So hopefully we make some mistakes, learn along the way and pass on even more valuable knowledge to people, as we become more adept in the DIY arena.

I don’t always get it right-first-time but I always get the job done and learn a few useful tips along the way that it would be good to share.


As part of trying to advance myself as a gardener and so I can pass that knowledge on to you, my readers, I regularly take courses and try to improve my gardening knowledge.

Here are some of my certifications:

No Dig Gardening by Charles Dowding – Completed 2022

Growing Food in Small Spaces Online Course by The Permaculture Association – Completed 2022

Organic Gardening and Maintenance Online Study Course – Completed 2022


If you want to want to get in touch with me directly, you can:

Email: Daniel@theblokecave.co.uk

Phone: 01282 914092

Follow: Facebook.com/blokecave