The Best Hero’s For A Beginner In Paragon

Here at the bloke cave we love gaming, and PC Gaming in particualr. Here is little guide we have made for Paragon. One of our favourite games at the moment.

The Best Hero’s For A Beginner In Paragon

Every hero in Paragon has his or her own abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies that can be used to make them an effective part of the team.

If you’re just getting started with Paragon, here are some of the characters you should consider using, as well as some information about how to use them effectively.




Gideon is a mage well-used in the Mid Lane. He does high damage and can teleport out of danger. His abilities are:

  • Portal Blast – a blast of energy that deals medium damage
  • Burden – a projectile attack that tethers an enemy to deal damage and apply Slow while the enemy is in Gideon’s line of sight
  • Cosmic Rift – Gideon’s primary attack, which drops a meteor on the targeted location
  • Torn Space – a portal that lets Gideon teleport to another location along with any allies who follow him
  • Black Hole – a powerful channelled ability that drags enemies toward a black hole and deals damage to them over time

One strategy for using Gideon is to keep him in the Mid Lane, occasionally using Cosmic Rift to clear out enemies and briefly enter the other lanes during the early part of the game. Gideon should generally focus on the Mid Lane, using his teleport when necessary to escape danger or aid allies.


Murdock is a Ranger best used in one of the side lanes. Although he is slow, he can deal high amounts of damage. His abilities are:

  • Plasma Bolt – a basic ranged attack that deals high damage
  • Move Along – an attack that deals Ability Damage and displaces enemies, although it does not interrupt their abilities
  • Buckshot – a cone-shaped blast that deals Ability Damage and shreds Basic Armor
  • Static Trap – a trap that activates after 3.25 seconds to deal Ability Damage to any enemy who steps on it and root them for a short amount of time
  • Long Arm of the Law – a powerful long-range attack that ignores armour and goes through any enemy, object, or terrain to deal high damage

Early in the game, it is good to keep Murdock in one of the side lanes, using his traps to cover himself and his teammates. Later on in the game, you might choose to enter team fights, especially near the end. Murdock will need help from his allies but can be quite effective.


Steel is a melee fighter and a tank, with a shield that can protect both himself and his allies. His abilities are:

  • Punch – a melee attack that deals medium damage
  • Bulwark – a defensive manoeuvre in which Steel raises his shield and blocks the majority of damage, although you can’t change direction while Bulwark is active
  • Bull Rush – a powerful charge that knocks back any enemy Steel runs into
  • Force Shield – an energy wall that blocks enemy projectiles and slows down any enemies that pass through it
  • Shield Slam – a powerful attack in which Steel leaps into the air and slams down his shield to deal Ability Damage and stun enemies

Since Steel is a tank, he should protect his teammates. Early on, Steel is effective at preventing your enemies from gathering amber. While Steel can do a lot of damage on his own, the combination of Shield Slam and Bull Rush is an effective way to drive enemies toward other teammates so they can be defeated.



Sparrow is a Ranger with low defence and high attack power. She should stay with allies whenever possible so that she is free to attack. Her abilities are:

  • Bow Shot – a ranged attack that deals high damage
  • Piercing Shot – a charged ranged attack that deals Ability Damage to all enemies in a line
  • Hail of Arrows – her primary attack, which rains arrows down on a targeted area and deals Ability Damage
  • Invigorate – a passive ability that increases the damage done when you deal successive attacks against the same target
  • Inner Fire – a powerful ability that temporarily makes every Bow Shot split into three piercing arrows to deal extra damage

Sparrow needs to play it safe because she lacks abilities that can move enemies away from her or get her to safety. It is possible to play as Sparrow in the Mid Lane once the early stage of the game is done, but she should be kept near tanks and used to deal damage from a distance.


Rampage is a melee fighter and a tank that is best suited to fighting at the front. Due to the combination of his defence and regen abilities, he can keep fighting for a long time. His abilities are:

  • Swipe – a melee attack that deals high damage
  • Pounce – a leap that deals Ability Damage when Rampage lands and can be combined with Swipe to cut the leap short
  • Boulder Throw – a two-stage attack that lets Rampage pick up and throw a boulder to deal Ability Damage and stun enemies
  • King of the Jungle – a passive ability that increases his health regen and adds, even more, health regeneration when he is in the Jungle
  • Enraged – an ultimate ability that greatly increases his health regen, the range of Pounce, and the speed of Boulder Throw

A general strategy for Rampage is to use him to take out enemies early on in the game and work with allies to protect them and distract the enemies. When Rampage uses his ultimate ability, Enraged, he can survive a great amount of damage and free up teammates by forcing enemies to focus on him.


Muriel is a mage who can deal damage to enemies but is better-suited as a support character. Her abilities are:

  • Orb – an energy attack that deals medium damage
  • Alacrity – a large orb that grants a shield and a burst of speed to any ally who touches it (or Muriel herself)
  • Serenity – a ball of energy that damages and slows down the first enemy hero it hits, and damages any minions it hits as well
  • Consecrated Ground – an energy bubble that shields the allies inside of it, but will damage them when its time is up and it collapses
  • Reversal of Fortune – a powerful ability that lets Muriel target any ally, shield them, fly to their location, shield any allies near them, and knock nearby enemies into the air

Early on in the game, Muriel can be used as a defensive character, but she should be kept out of danger. If you watch your teammates’ health, you can use Muriel’s support abilities to save allies in danger, especially once Reversal of Fortune is available.

Many heroes are available to play as in Paragon, all with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This should give you a better understanding of how you can use Gideon, Murdock, Steel, Sparrow, Rampage, and Muriel.

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