Can you paint breeze blocks?

by Sam Wood | Last Updated: 16/02/2021

Painting a drab wall is a quick and easy way to brighten up any room. But what to do if your walls are made from breeze blocks? Those drab grey blocks can often be reminiscent of a prison cell, so a bit of colour to lighten the mood wouldn’t go amiss. But is it possible? can you paint breeze blocks?

can you paint breeze blocks

can you paint breeze blocks

Well, can you?

Yes, you definitely can paint breeze blocks, but there are a few things you can do to make the process much easier for yourself.

Do I need to seal the breeze blocks first?

You don’t need to do anything special in order to paint the breeze blocks but a mist coat can work well. As I explained in my can you paint straight onto plasterboard article a mist coat is a watered-down emulsion which you apply as a primer.

Do not seal the wall with a watered-down PVA as some people advocate. PVA can be really difficult to paint over with emulsion and can lead to tons of issues down the road, just don’t do it!

Preparation before painting

You will be well advised to brush over the breeze block walls with a brush before painting. This will help knock off dirt or debris and thus allowing for a better quality finish. A wire brush will be really useful for this. if you are using a wire brush though take care not to scrub too hard, breeze blocks are soft and can be easily damaged.

Mould resistant paints

If you are painting a cellar or garage which is often damp then it is advised to use a mould resistant paint. these paints have chemicals in which help prevent mould and mildew from growing. These paints are a little more expensive than just plain old regular emulsion but are well worth it if you are painting a damp wall.

Spray gun

One of the most difficult things with painting breeze blocks is how hard it is to get the paint into all the little nooks and crannies. A spray gun fixes all these problems and will allow you to paint breeze blocks quickly and easily.

These spray guns will work with lots of different paint types including emulsion. in fact emulsions are some of the easiest paints to use with a spray gun.

One tip I have is that it may be necessary to thin down the paint a little to make it easily sprayed. With a water-based emulsion (most modern emulsions are now water-based) this is really simple to do. Just mix a little water into your paint to thin it down. If your paint is oil-based you need to add paint thinner to thin it down.

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Multiple coats

Breezeblocks are very porous, so you may notice they can soak up a lot of paint. This isn’t really an issue and just means that you may have to apply multiple coats before you achieve a perfect finish. Depending on what room you are painting this may or not be an issue.

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