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Can You Use Masonry Paint On Fences?

This is a good question to ask, after all, masonry paint provides exceptional weather protection, so will it offer that same protection to your fence? Well, there is only one way to know for sure, test it!

So I did just that, I gathered some fencing timber, painted some with masonry paint and some with more orthodox fence paint and compared the differences.

Painting My Fence With Masonry Paint

To really test whether you can use masonry paint on fences I decided to paint my own fence. I was building a new fence in my backyard and wanted the interior colour to be quite bright. I couldn’t find a shade I liked in traditional fencing paint but already had the perfect colour in SandTex mid stone masonry paint. So I decided to use just that.

Fence ready to be painted
Fence ready to be painted

So here it is, the brand new fence, expertly constructed by yours truly, just waiting for a fresh coat of paint. This fence is made from green treated feather board and as you can see has a few different shades in there due to that treatment so it needed a good coat of paint.

Painting a fence with masonry paint
Painting a fence with masonry paint

The masonry paint went onto the fence really easily. As a bit of a litmus test, the other side of the fence was painted using fencing paint. While the masonry paint did not apply as quickly as the fence paint due to it being thicker it did cover a lot better.

In the end, I only needed one coat of masonry paint on the inside whereas on the outside I ended up needing three coats of the fence paint!

Fence painted with masonry paint
Fence painted with masonry paint

The finished fence, I think it looks great. I really like this colour of masonry paint. It still keeps the wood looking quite natural while adding a lot of uniformity.

I will keep you updated with images as this fence ages and let you know how the masonry paint gets on, so make sure to check back regularly.

6 Month Fence Update!

For those of you keeping track, it’s now been six months since the fence was painted with masonry paint (give or take a few weeks). So it’s time to check back in with an update and let you all know how the paint is getting on, I know you can’t wait!

Six Month Test Update!
Six Month Test Update!

As you can see the fence still looks just as good as the day it was painted. So that’s the summer over with, now time for the real test, a Northern English winter. Check back next year for another instalment in this thrilling saga!

Testing Masonry Paint On Fencing Timber

Another test I did was to paint up a piece of fencing timber with masonry paint, well I did two actually, one with primer and one without. This way we can also see how important priming the wood first is, if at all.

Scratch Test

I got some rough timber and ran it across the surface of all four samples. The purpose of this test is to check the adhesion of the paint to the wood, has it actually stuck? Both samples came through unscathed, showing that both the masonry paint and fence paint have stuck well.

Masonry paint on fencing timber
Masonry paint on fencing timber

So here is the result of the first test. As you can see the masonry paint has stuck to the “fence” just fine.

Applying the masonry paint was straightforward, it applied just like you would expect an exterior gloss to apply. Coverage was also good, again like a gloss.

Fence Paint

To compare our masonry painted fence we needed a fence painted using regular old fence paint, so I got two pieces of fencing timber and did the same thing again, only this time using fencing paint.

**Note I did try to find a white fence paint to make comparison easier but couldn’t find one, maybe a reason masonry paint could be a good option?**

fencing paint test
fencing paint test

So here we have the same type of fencing lumber but painted with fence paint. Fence paints tend to be more a stain, or treatment, rather than paint as such. They are designed to be absorbed into the wood and therefore are very watery.

You should not prime wood that is to be painted with fence paint as this blocks the absorption of the treatment. You can still see lots of the primer showing through in the sample on the right even after three coats of paint!

Outdoor Test

Now it is time to move these two samples outside and leave them exposed to the elements. This is the fairest way I can test them as they would be used if you did paint your fence. The sample painted with fence paint is there as a control to see how well the masonry paint stands up. Time will tell! Keep checking back for regular updates on the progress of this test.

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Friday 8th of April 2022

Hi what masonary paint and colour did you use?

Daniel Berry

Friday 8th of April 2022

Hi Susan, it was Sandtex smooth and I believe the colour was mid stone.