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Can You Whip Creme Fraiche?

So you want to whip creme fraiche, is this even possible? Well I know one way to find out for sure, grab a tub of creme fraiche and try to whip it, lets see what happens.

I nipped down to Lidl and got a tub of Creme Fraiche, now this is lower fat creme fraiche, but it is all they had available.

Lower fat means it will be less likely to whip than normal creme fraiche. This is because it is the fat in cream that helps it to whip, that is why double cream whips while single doesn’t.

What this means for us is that if this manages to whip then you can be certain regular creme fraiche will.

Can You Whip Creme Fraiche
Can You Whip Creme Fraiche

So first things first let’s get this poured out into our mixing bowl and ready to whisk.

A Thick Lump
A Thick Lump

Even as reduced-fat this stuff is still nice and thick. A solid lump of cream. I think this is really promising and can’t see much trouble in getting this to whip up.

Immediately After Whipping
Immediately After Whipping

This is pretty much as soon as I started whipping the Creme Fraiche. It is already the consistency of whipped cream, you can see how stiff it is. The Creme Fraiche is holding its shape and not sagging back down.

At this point, I can say already that you can whip Creme Fraiche, but let’s keep going and see what happens when I keep whipping it. This is after about 30 seconds of whipping so I am interested to see what happens after a few minutes.

After a Lot of Whipping
After a Lot of Whipping

So after whipping it for a while it has stayed pretty much the same. It has never gone fully fussy like double cream does but as I said earlier I think I will put this down to it being reduced-fat Creme Fraiche.

What is Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche is a cream that has been slightly soured using bacteria. It is thick and has a high-fat content, making it perfect for spooning onto desserts and savoury dishes alike.

While the souring process is similar to soured cream, creme fraiche is not as sour as that. Although it tastes fairly similar.


So as we have seen we have answered the question, can you whip creme fraiche? And the answer is yes, you can. And not only that, it is also really easy to do.

Why Does Cream Whip?

Cream whips because of the fat content within it. When you whip up cream you are adding air bubbles into the cream.

The fat content also gets broken up by the whisking, these fat molecules then get stuck within the air bubbles preventing them from reverting to type.

This is what leads to whipped cream being so light and airy. Not the most scientific writing but I think it gets the reasoning behind why cream whips fairly well.

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