Cool And Interesting Facts About The Fallout Series

Cool And Interesting Facts About The Fallout Series

Today we are having a little bit of fun as we take a look at some of the interesting and fun things that make Fallout so interesting. From in game events, development details and things that are flat out weird! Here are cool and interesting facts about The Fallout series.

The Story Driven Epic That Is Fallout 4

As many people know, Fallout 4 is the most story driven game in the series. It was the first Fallout game to actually let your character have a voice, but he (or she) was not the only one with a voice. Fallout 4 has thousands of more lines of spoken dialogue than Fallout 3. Even more, mind blowing is the fact that Fallout 4 has more spoken lines of dialogue than Fallout 3 and Oblivion added together!

The Incredibles In The World Of Fallout

One of the more interesting (or perhaps disturbing) aspects of the development of Fallout is how the VATS combat system came to be. The designer of the VATS combat system was a gentleman named, Grant Struthers and he came up with the designs by using action figures from the Disney movie, The Incredibles!

New Vegas Boulder City Memorial

New Vegas was an awesome game and what looks like a boulder with just a load of random names on it is not actually as random as you would think. They are made up characters, but interestingly they do have ties to other characters in the Fallout universe. There are even relatives of characters who appeared in the original Fallout games listed on this boulder!


I’ll Be There For You

Now here is a very weird bit of Fallout trivia for you! Did you know that the Fallout series and the TV show Friends have a connection? Well, first of all, Matthew Perry who played Chandler on the show was such a huge Fallout fan they got him to voice the character Benny in Fallout: New Vegas! But wait there is more! It has been revealed that during the 1980’s. Courtney Cox who played Monica actually worked for Bethesda for a very short while!

There Are Some Awesome Pop Culture References

It is well known that there are a few different Monty Python references in the Fallout series. But the guys behind New Vegas are clearly big George Lucas fans as there is a reference to Indiana Jones and Star Wars as well. You can find an Indy skeleton inside a fridge, a reference from The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Also, you come across two burnt skeletons one named Beru and the other Owen. This is a nod to Luke Skywalker’s chargrilled aunt and uncle.

I Am Liberty Prime

Ok so let us tell you that while this one here is an interesting fact it is also the kind of fact that kind of bums you out, due to it being so awesome. You remember the epic, Liberty Prime from Fallout 3… how could you forget? Well, it turns out the guys at Bethesda actually intended for us to get to control Liberty Prime! How awesome would this have been? Just laying waste to every person and monster with Liberty Prime. For reasons we are not sure of, Bethesda decided against giving us direct control over Liberty Prime.

Cow Tipping!

So here we have something that you can do in Fallout 3 which is pretty pointless, but it is also a lot of fun. You know those big dumb Brahmin’s? They are the cows of the Fallout world. Well if you sneak up on them, you can actually tip them over. It is not big, it is not clever, but there is just something so fun and satisfying about doing this.

Hit Them In The Junk

One of the funniest things that you could do in Fallout 1 and 2 was blasting your enemies in the junk. You could specifically choose to be a little on the sadistic side as you blasted them in a place most of us would not like to be blasted! For some reason, Bethesda decided this was a feature that was not actually needed in Fallout 3.

The Cancelled Brotherhood Of Steel Sequel

It may surprise some of you, but the first Fallout game to be released on the console was not Fallout 3 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In 2004, Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel was released on PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. The game was met with mostly negative reviews, but work was already underway on Brotherhood Of Steel 2 which was rumoured to be targeting a Christmas 2004 release date. Due to the extremely negative response to the original Brotherhood Of Steel, the sequel was cancelled… not too many people cared.

Chicks Dig The Car

The whole art style of the Fallout series is one of the major things that so many of us love about the game. One of the cooler aspects of the Fallout world is the cars. But did you know that these cars are actually based on a real car? Ok so not exactly a real car, but Ford actually designed a car similar to the ones we see in Fallout. It was called the Ford Nucleon and in the 1950’s, Ford thought they could get a car to run on a nuclear power source!

The Reign Of Grelok

Fallout 3 at the time it was released was one of the biggest games ever made. You could go and explore, you could blow stuff up, you could do missions, you could help side characters out. There was just a ton of stuff for you to do. But if you still wanted more, then the folks at Bethesda had you covered as one of the terminals in the game has a text adventure game you can play called The Reign Of Grelok. As cool as this was, even Fallout 3 cannot make a text adventure game exciting!

Fallout Could Have Been Wasteland 2

The origins of the Fallout series can be traced back to the 1988 game, Wasteland which was developed by Interplay and published by EA. For years, Interplay wanted to make some kind of sequel, but due to the deal they had with EA for Wasteland, EA actually owned the rights to the Wasteland name and everything about the game! This is what led the people at Interplay to create Fallout… which we know and love to this day.


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