Fallout 4 VR Preview

Fallout 4 VR is one of the most anticipated VR games coming out this year. As the name implies, Fallout 4 VR is the Virtual Reality adaption of the extremely popular Fallout 4 and will put you in the shoes of the Sole Survivor and let you explore the wasteland in immersive VR. Fallout 4 VR means a lot to the VR community as it is the most ambitious project releasing on the HTC Vive and Bethesda are giving it their all to make it a success.

What Should You Expect From Fallout 4 VR?

Bethesda has stated many times that they’ll be bringing the Full Fallout 4 experience to VR which means you’ll be able to interact with NPC’s and explore the wasteland just like in the original game – but in VR! From what we’ve seen from the demos, the Fallout 4 in VR looks absolutely amazing and incredibly immersive. The game starts off in the iconic sanctuary from where you have to get acquainted with all the controls and the world again. The world in itself looks absolutely amazing with incredible details to depth and perception making you truly feel a part of the world.

A fine example of how realistic the world of Fallout feels in VR is the Pip-boy interface. In the normal version of Fallout 4, when you would bring up the pip-boy it would take the whole screen and pause the game as well. In VR, it’s like using an actual Pip-boy in real time and manually sorting through your inventory makes the experience feel so much more authentic!

What type of movement does Fallout 4 VR employ?

A clear rift can be seen between VR users when it comes to what kind of controls a game should have. A number of users prefer standard controls which include regular walking and running using controllers — whereas other users like teleportation because it induces less nausea.

In the latest most Fallout 4 VR trailer it can be clearly seen that it will feature standard controls, along with teleportation which means that everyone will be able to enjoy playing Fallout 4 VR the way they want. In Fallout 4 VR you will have to control everything with your Vive wands. The movement will be handled with a touchpad, and it seems that the same way will be used for crafting, and you will even be able to give quick commands to Dogmeat while holding a gun.

Big Changes To V.A.T.S.

The change in how the game addresses V.A.T.S., the game’s aiming system is one of the most prominent and biggest changes. It will be somewhat different in VR as you will not enter a selection screen to determine your shot, instead in this the mode the time simply slows down while still allowing the player to move in real-time, with the area which the player highlights in the color that signifies their chances to hit: green, orange or red.

Fallout 4 VR Release Date

Last year a promise for Fallout 4 VR release for 2017 was made by the side of Bethesda. The game is still expected to be released this year and the at last specific release date for the HTC Vive has been outlined by the company.

As reported by Bethesda officials, Fallout 4 VR will is expected to be launched in December instead of in October as it originally planned to. The company has confirmed a December 12th release for HTC Vive.


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