Hammerite smooth vs hammered, what’s the difference?

by Sam Wood | Last Updated: 22/03/2021

You’re obviously in the market and have seen the two types commonly offered, smooth and hammered, but what exactly is the difference between these two Hammerite paints? Well it all comes down to the finish, and is as simple as it sounds, one provides a smooth finish and the other gives a hammered look.

Hammerite smooth vs hammered

Smooth will give a polished smooth, shiny look, essentially like gloss paint. Hammered is completely different. To start with it has metallic flakes in it, then when applied it leaves pits, which gives it a hammered effect. This gives the look of fresh hammered iron straight out of the blacksmith.

Hammerite metal paints can be used in a range of applications but are commonly used for railings. This is where you will see the hammered finish used a lot. It can give cheaper railings the same look as expensive forged railings.

Hammerite smooth paint is the more regular paint. It is used to give lasting protection to a range of metals and applications.

The Finish

So let’s get into the finishes so you can see the difference for yourself. Below you will see the Hammered Hammerite finish first.

So here you will see the “pits” this is what makes the hammered finish different. It is intended to look like a hand forged iron finish and I think it actually does this really well.

The smooth finish is just what it sounds like, a regular, glossy finish.

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