New Assassins Creed Merchandise!

We’ve just added loads of new officially licensed Assasins Creed Merchandise.

Assassins Creed Syndicate Jacket

This brilliant jacket takes inspiration from the Assassins attire and is perfect for any fan of the series!

Assassins Creed Messenger Bag

A main, spacious internal compartment, allows you to store all manner of items that you will need for the day – whether that’s for school or for fun!

Animus DNA T-Shirt

This Official T-Shirt features multiple strands of DNA as used by the Abstergo Industries Animus to access old memories and information.

Abstergo Industries T Shirt

Officially licensed T-Shirt featuring the logo of Abstergo Industries the modern day Knights Templar.

Assassins Creed Wallet

Why choose a boring old wallet to keep your cards and cash safe, when you could be keeping them in this officially licensed bi-fold wallet!

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