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Sandtex Masonry Paint Colours

Sandtex masonry paint is a great masonry paint, and I would say, with absolute zero proof, that it is probably the most sold masonry paint in the UK. It’s available everywhere, but often shops only carry a very limited colour range. You know there must be more options, but what is the full-colour range. Let’s have a look.

Before we jump straight into the colour charts you need to be aware that there is more than one type of sandtex masonry paint. And each of these different types has its own colour range.

Sandtex Smooth Colours

This is what you would call the regular paint that everyone is used to. It is the nice smooth paint in the yellow tub with the green banner.

SandTex Smooth Masonry Paint Colour Chart

Sandtex Textured Colours

Textured is very simial to smooth just with a very fine texture to it, obviously.

Sandtex Textured Colour Chart
Sandtex Textured Colour Chart

Sandtex Trade Paints

Now we move onto the trade paints. There are more options here in terms of different types of paint, so let’s have a look at all of the different colour options.

High Cover Smooth Masonry

A smooth masonry paint specially formulated for the professional user, which provides a quality protective and decorative finish.

Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth
Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth

Fine Textured Matt Masonry

A premium quality, finely textured masonry paint that provides a professional quality finish and long-lasting protection.

Sandtex Trade Fine Textured Matt
Sandtex Trade Fine Textured Matt

365 All Weather

Formulated for the professional user and based on high-performance pliolite resin. Specially developed for use in out of season weather conditions.

365 All Weather Colour Chart
365 All-Weather Colour Chart

X-Treme X-Posure

A superior durable, smooth masonry paint that provides the best possible protection against weather exposure, for the long term.

365 All Weather Colour Chart
X-Treme X-Posure Colour Chart

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