What is white pudding?

by Daniel Berry | Last Updated: 02/11/2020

Being a Lancashire lad both me and my waistline are all too familiar with Black pudding, but what is white pudding? Well, it turns out that white pudding is in fact very similar to black pudding. Keep reading to find out the key differences.

What is the difference between white and black pudding?

The distinctive colour and name of black pudding come from the pig blood used as a key ingredient. White pudding does not use any blood, hence the colour and therefore the name.

History of white pudding

Both white and black pudding have a very long history, with both of them being a traditional way to make use of all the ingredients following the butchering of livestock. It is thought however that black pudding maybe a little older than white pudding, but that’s not to say white pudding is a recent invention.

Black pudding is first mentioned in Roman texts whereas white pudding can first be seen in written history around the medieval period, yeah its no spring chicken.

Many different written recipes have been found but the ones most resembling modern-day white pudding come from Scotland, Ireland and Northern England. These are simple recipes that combine suet, oatmeal, onions and other seasonings. In Gaelic, they were known as marag gheal or putóg bhán.

Scottish White Pudding

In Scotland white pudding made today contains oatmeal, onions and beef suet.

Irish White Pudding

White pudding in Ireland is made using pretty much the same recipe with the addition of pork fat and or liver.

Both Scottish and Irish variants mainly used white pepper, nutmeg and sage as key seasonings. They are often now made using synthetic cellulose casings.

Hog’s Pudding

This is a speciality of the south-west of England. This form of white pudding is still produced today and is made from pork meat and fat, suet, bread, and oatmeal or pearl barley formed into the shape of a large sausage. One key difference between this and traditional white pudding is the extra spice added. Hog’s pudding often contains cumin as well as black pepper rather than white.

Banned in the USA

Along with black pudding white pudding is banned in the USA for “Sanitary Reasons” so you can pop to the shops and pick up an assault rifle but not either of these delicious breakfast treats. Americans…

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