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You could be mistaken for thinking a hacksaw is a hacksaw; however, you would be wrong. Recent innovations have bestowed multiple changes upon this humble tool. A favourite of many tradesman’s tool bags the hacksaw remains the workman’s choice for its sheer versatility.

However, shopping online for tools is not always the easiest thing to do; something can look amazing in a photo but then turn up and be next to useless. So that’s why we have created this guide to help!

The Best Hacksaw

For me, the best hacksaw that is a good combo of quality and affordability has to be this high-tension model from Irwin.

Irwin I-125 High-Tension Hacksaw

Great Value
Irwin I-125 High-Tension Hacksaw

Ergonomic Metal Frame for higher blade tension and prevents the blade from being released when dropped. Soft Touch Handles ensure comfortable sawing grip and prevents slippage

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I like Irwin’s tools; it feels like Irwin has a great blend of quality and value going on at the moment. The Irwin quick clamps, for instance, are my go-to clamps. This Hacksaw from Irwin is no exception, coming in at under £20 while also offering superb quality.

The I-125 Hacksaw is a high tension saw capable of reaching over 125kg of blade tension, which is pretty good in a small handheld saw. It also has an excellent soft grip as well as built-in storage for spare saw blades so you will never be caught short again while out on site.

Another great feature of the I-125 is the 24 teeth per inch (tpi) blade. We found it sharp, capable of producing excellent clean cuts and also incredibly long-wearing; ours is still going strong after five months of use!

Bahco 325 Ergo Hand Hacksaw

Swedish Excellence
Bahco BAH325 Ergo Professional Hand Hacksaw

Maximum comfort with minimum effort due to the ergonomic design. Quick easy blade change and tension system. Supplied with a 300 mm (12") Sandflex 24 tpi bi-metal blade

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This helps fund the Bloke Cave and allows us to create epic projects!
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As we mentioned in our best coping saw guide , Bacho is a name synonymous with quality, and this excellent hacksaw is undoubtedly no different. The ergonomic handle feels great in the hand and allows for extended use without rubbing or putting excess strain on your hand, ideal for giving you lots of grip without hurting or rubbing.

As with the Irwin, this comes complete with a 24 tpi blade which is a brilliant little cutter, slicing through anything you throw at it with ease. It also features a blade tensioning system which we found really easy to use and also quick! This system does seem to do well at increasing the blade tension and then making sure it stays there.

I really enjoyed the Alternative 55° blade mounting for flush cutting. This is an excellent feature that I wish more hacksaws had. It’s the little features like this that make it worthwhile buying these slightly more expensive tools rather than just going for the cheapest option.

The one downside to the Bacho, when compared to the Irwin, is the lack of blade storage in the handle. Not a massive issue but we do like the ease of carrying spare blades without thought.

Stanley 020108 FatMax

I have to say that I have not been a massive fan of Stanley tools since their merger with Black & Decker. It feels like they have focused more on the entry-level B&Q DIY’er than producing quality tools. However, with the FatMax range that seems to be changing. I already own a FatMax Stanley knife and have found it to be a great tool; this FatMax Hacksaw is no different.

One of the most versatile Hacksaws on the market the FatMax can be positioned at 45 degrees to perform flat cuts, as well as the entire front of the saw, can be removed to turn it into more of a jab saw. If that wasn’t enough, the blade attaches to the front of the frame for hard-to-reach inside cuts.

Add in the ergonomic handle, blade storage inside the frame and 100kg tension blade, and you have a convenient tool.

Bacho 239 Junior Hacksaw

For those just looking for a compact junior hacksaw, you can’t go wrong with the Bacho 239. Featuring a sturdy metal frame and the usual Bacho quality this saw will last you a while.

For the price (under £4 at the time of testing) you aren’t going to get a tool that sets the world alight, but for the price this is great.

The Bacho junior hacksaw has a 150mm metal blade featuring 32 teeth per inch, changing the blade is straightforward, and replacements are cheap and readily available.

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