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Can You Plaster Over Bitumen Paint?

Bitumen paint is commonly used on below-ground walls as a waterproofing layer, but no one wants to stare at a jet black wall when they are done. So you have obviously wondered if it is possible to plaster over Bitument paint. Let’s find out.

yes, you can. The most common method to make bitumen paintable to take plaster is to blind it with sand.

Blinding With Sand

While this sounds like a complex procedure you are essentially just throwing sand at the wall and getting it to stick to the bitumen.

You obviously need to do this while the paint is still wet so that the stand gets stuck to the bitumen.

So immediately after you have finished your final coat of bitumen paint you need to blind it with sand. The sand gets stuck into the bitumen and dries in place.

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The way this works is very similar to how blue grit works. The grit in the mixture gives a really good surface for the plaster to bind to.

What if you forget to blind?

So what can you do if you have forgotten to blind the bitumen paint with sand before it dries?

Well, the most obvious option would just be to add another coat of bitumen paint to the wall. You can then blind this with sand when it is wet.

If for some reason, this is not an option for you then you could try something like blue grit.

Be warned though I have no idea if this will actually work so use it at your own peril!

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