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What Thinners to Use With Hammerite?

If you are looking to thin Hammerite then you will want to know what thinners work. Well luckily for you we have done some thinning and spraying of Hammerite with a few different thinners.

The Hammerite Paints and Thinners
The Hammerite Paints and Thinners

Official Hammerite Thinners

To start with Hammerite sell an official thinning product. You can see it in the bottom right of the image above.

This comes in all different sizes of tin and works perfectly, as you would expect. it is literally made for the job.

So if you just want to get the job done then use the official thinners.

Official Choice!
Hammerite Brush Cleaner and Thinners
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The problem though is that these thinners are expensive, ludicrously so to be perfectly honest. This is why lots of people think about using other products to thin their Hammerite.

So if you are not bothered about the expense then sure, go ahead and use the official thinners. You will have no problems at all and they thin the paint really well. if you want a more budget-friendly option though then keep on reading.

White Spirit

I have a full article on this which you can find here Can You Thin Hammerite With White Spirit? But I will also include all of the key information for you here. The short answer is yes, you can thin Hammerite with white spirit.

I grabbed some Hammerite and white spirit and tried to thin and then spray it.

Mixing in White Spirit
Mixing in White Spirit

To start with we will thin some Hammerite hammered and see if it still achieves the same hammered finish once thinned down.

So as you can see the white spirit has definitely thinned the paint down and seems to be working really well as a Hammerite thinners alternative.

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So it seems to have thinned well so far but how well will it paint?

The Jerry Can Ready To Be Painted
The Jerry Can Ready To Be Painted

In order to test this, I am going to paint this rusty jerry can.

The Hammered Hammerite
The Hammered Hammerite

Here you can see the hammered Hammerite on the jerry can. It has done the hammered effect but it does seem a little less than usual.

So we have shown that hammered Hammerite can be thinned using white spirit as an alternative to Hammerite thinners. Now let’s have a look if Hammerite smooth can also be thinned down.

Satin Hammerite With White Spirit Before Mixing
Satin Hammerite With White Spirit Before Mixing
The top section painted with thinned Hammerite satin
The top section painted with thinned Hammerite satin

And here you can see that this has painted just fine after being thinned with white spirit.


If you just want the best thinners for the job then go ahead and buy the official Hammerite thinners. If you want to save a bit of money though and use a cheap and readily available product then white spirit will thin your Hammerite with no problems.

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