Is Hammerite oil based?

Hammerite are metal paint specialists and have a huge range of different metal paints. But are these paints oil-based? Let’s find out.

Is Hammerite Oil Based?

Yes, the vast majority of Hammerite paints are oil/solvent-based. The one exception is Hammerite Ultima, which is a new paint that is water-based.

Hammerite Ultima

This is a newish paint from Hammerite that is being marketed as the next evolution in metal paint. It is stated to provide great protection for up to 12 years whilst being a completely water-based paint.

Designed to be used directly onto any metal and on rust, Hammerite Ultima is formulated to offer up to 12 years of corrosion protection, creating a tough barrier that keeps water and oxygen away from the substrate, preventing rust to form.

No matter what type of metal your rails, doors, fences and pipes are made of, Hammerite Ultima will protect and rejuvenate them without the need for a primer.

This easy to apply, the quick-drying formula will allow you to finish the job in one day so you can rest assured that your metal surfaces are well protected for longer.

Oil Based Hammerites

The rest of the Hammerite range is oil/solvent-based. You can see me thin down some Hammerite in the image below using white spirit, this shows that it is a solvent-based paint.

Hammered Hammerite Before Thinning
Hammered Hammerite Before Thinning

The thick Hammerite hammered finish paint before being thinned with white spirit.

Mixing in White Spirit
Mixing in White Spirit

Now I mix in some white spirit with the paint.

Now you can see just how much thinner the paint is. In fact, this paint was thin enough to be sprayed, which was the whole point.

Xylene Based

This was a little before my time so forgive me if any of my information is incorrect but I believe that Hammerite used to be Xylene based.

This is different from standard oil-based paints and even required specialist thinners and cleaners.

Many a painter or old school Hammerite user will tell you that this formula was a lot better than the current oil-based Hammerite. But as a lot of paint companies have had to do the recipe was changed in order to make the paint more environmentally friendly and fit within modern guidelines.

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