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How Long Does Mastic Take To Dry?

Building Mastic is an oil-based compound intended for general pointing and sealing in traditional forms of construction. But how long does it take to dry? let’s have a look.

Most mastics will form a skin within 24-48 hours, they will take around 7 days to fully cure.

This is obviously very general information. For a more detailed breakdown, let’s have a look at some of the more popular mastic brands and give their drying times.


EVERFLEX® Building Mastic

The product takes 24 –48 hours to skin. It should not be used therefore in areas where it is likely to be subjected to interference or damage (eg floor joints).

Curing Time: Normally 7 Days

Trowel Mastic

EVERBUILD® 103 Trowel Mastic is a premium oil-based mastic for perimeter pointing around wood and metal windows and doorframes. Trowel applied.

Surface skin forms after 7 days