How to change the drill bit on a black and decker drill

How To Change The Drill Bit On A Black & Decker Drill

Have you just bought a new black and decker drill, and you are not sure how to change the drill bit? Well let me help you out.


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Changing the drill bit

Once you know how to change the drill bit it is a simple enough process, but it can be tricky to figure out.

All modern drills have moved to a keyless chuck, which you twist to loosen or tighten. The jaws of the chuck will either move closer together, or further apart depending on what way you twist it.

It is these metal jaws that hold the drill bit in place.

Loosen The Chuck

Turn the back of the chuck (the part with the textured grip) anti-clockwise. This will loosen the chuck and the drill bit will fall out,

Tighten The Chuck

Insert your new drill bit loosely into the chuck. You will then turn the textured grip clockwise to close the jaws of the chuck around the drill bit.

Before it is in tightly,, ensure it is aligned in the middle of the three jaws.

To ensure it is central, you can give the drill a squeeze of the trigger and make sure the drill bit is running straight and not wobbling.

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