How to extend washing machine waste pipe

by Sam Wood | Last Updated: 28/05/2021

If your washing machine or dishwasher is far enough away from your sink then the standard waste pipe that comes with your appliance may not reach the drain spigot. So what do you do in this situation?

How to extend the pipe length

The answer is simple, a drain extension kit. These handy little kits come with everything you need to increase the length of your waste pipe.

Everything You Need
Drain Hose Extension Kit 2.5m / 8 Ft Long
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09/23/2021 10:01 am GMT

What you get in the pack are a length of the drainpipe, a hose adapter and two jubilee clips.

To extend the pipe you attach the adapter to the end of your current waste pipe. Ensure this is pushed on as far as possible before then fastening using the jubilee clip.

Once the adapter is on the end of your current pipe you attach the new length of pipe to the other end of the adapter, therefore extending your drain hose.

You can watch me do this in the video below.

Tips and tricks

There are only two things you really need to be mindful of here, ensuring the pipe is pushed up as far as possible and then ensuring the jubilee clips are on tight.

You really want to make sure the waste pipe is pushed as far onto the adapter as possible. The adapter has “ribs” on the side which help make the fastening more secure and prevent leakage. These ribs can make it tricky to push the pipe on but you just need to persevere.

Then once the pipe is fully on you need to fasten it using the jubilee clips. Jubilee clips are a metal ring with a screw fastening, as you tighten the screw it tightens the metal ring around the pipe. You will often see jubilee clips used in these types of circumstances because they offer a good, even clamping force. All you need to do is keep screwing the screw until it gets really tight, that is how you will know you are done.

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