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How to Measure Your Sinks Plug Size

Sink plugs can come in a few different sizes. They are not always universal, but some are much more common than others. If you have lost your sink plug, it happens, then you may not know which size of plug you need to buy. So you will have to measure, but how?

Measuring A Sink Plug Size

So to start with you need your trusty tape measure, or ruler, or flexible tape, just anything with measurements on it.

The new plug you buy will be sold with a radius measurement, not circumference, no one has time to go measuring their sinks circumference.

This makes it a lot easier for us, just measure across the middle on the drainage hole in your sink, bath, basin.

Measuring a Sink Pug Size
Measuring a Sink Pug Size

Here we can see the sink is around 45mm. And what would you know, this happens to correlate to a common drain size.

This is one way you can easily sanity check your measurements. Look what’s available to buy. If there are endless 45mm plugs available, you thought your sink was 46mm and you can’t find any of those. Well, it looks like your sink is 45mm not 46mm.

There will always be some leeway with your plug size. These are cheap items and are not made to exacting standards. For this reason, the manufacturers put in a little bit of tolerance within the plug.

Whether this is a large taper on the plug so it can fit within a range of sizes or a large rubber O ring.

Taper on a sink plug
The taper on a sink plug

Why You Might Need a New Plug

There are a few reasons why you might need a new plug. If your plug has broken, but you still have it in your possession, look closely at the plug and see if it has any markings. The size is commonly printed onto plugs.

One of the most common reasons for needing a new plug is that the chain has broken off the plug. This can make it really tough to get the plug out of your sink once it is in.

It is one of those problems where we will persist and allow it to be a pain in the arse for a lot longer than we should. I have done it myself, many times, even resorting to having a pair of pliers on standby to remove the sink plug.

It would obviously be so much easier to just buy a new plug but for some reason, we love to put off this job.

If you have lost your plug, and this does happen, then you will obviously need to measure as I have shown you above.