How to paint Wooden skirting board with spray gloss

Painting skirting board with gloss is always a pain, so I can see why you are here, looking for an easier way. It’s the exact same thing I did, I saw some spray paint gloss online and wondered to myself, will this work on skirting board? Well, there is only one way to know for sure, buy it, test it and report the results here. So that’s exactly what I did, and a little spoiler, it works really well! So follow along for the step by step guide to painting a skirting board with spray paint gloss.

Painting skirting board with spray gloss


The list of supplies here isn’t going to be mega long thankfully. All you need is some spray gloss (You don’t say), sandpaper, masking tape and a rag.

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Step By Step

So follow along with these steps and you too will be able to paint your skirting board using spray gloss. The process is simple enough but it is crucial that you spend plenty of time on the prep work. Seriously with this spray paint, it is about 90% prep and 10% painting!

Step 1 – Clean The Skirting Board

Go around the skirting board with a damp cloth and give it a good old mop down, removing any large bits of dirt and grime.

Clean the area to be painted
Clean the area to be painted

Step 2 – Sand Down The Skirting Board

Now get some of that sandpaper I said you would need earlier. Medium grit is good, something that will take some material off but not too rough that it will gouge the skirting board. I am using the Mirka 120 grit paper that I linked above, its really good stuff to be honest.

Sand with medium grit sandpaper
Sand with medium-grit sandpaper

Step 3 – Clean Again

I’m sorry but it’s time to clean the skirting board once again. This is the final clean before you paint so make sure it is as good as possible.

Step 4 – Mask Off Surrounding Area

Now comes the big step, masking off all of the surrounding surfaces. This is where you really want to take your time. Any missed area here and it will show in the results. The last thing you want is a nicely painted floor to go with your fresh skirting boards.

I used tape around the edges of the skirting board to get nice, crisp, precise lines. I then added some old carrier bags around the edges, I did this to increase the surface area I was covering. You can use newspaper, rags or anything you’re not bothered about getting paint on for this step.

Prepped and ready to spray paint
Prepped and ready to spray paint

Step 5 – Shake It Up

Now you are almost ready to paint, just one more thing to remember, shake that can up. The Plastikote paint I used recommends shaking for 2 minutes before use. While this doesn’t sound like much it actually is a while, don’t just shake it up for 10 seconds but go the whole hog.

Step 6 – Put Your Respirator On!

No spray paint is good for your lungs, so make sure you put your respirator on before doing any painting with a spray can.

put your respirator on
put your respirator on

Step 7 – Paint

Now comes the time to spray, finally! Hold the can roughly 30cm away from the skirting board and spray. You don’t want to put too much on at once as, like regular gloss, this stuff will run. So build up the coats gently. I have included a video below of me spraying my skirting board so you can see how I did it.


So after two coats, you are probably done, maybe you might need more if the skirting board was raw wood. But now it is time for that really satisfying masking tape peel, followed by a period of admiring all of your hard work. You’ve earned it!
The finished skirting board
The finished skirting board

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