How long does gloss paint take to dry?

Gloss paint can take a while to dry, maybe you found your way here after questioning why your paint still wasn’t dry, even hours later? Well worry no longer, I have gathered all of the information together from all of the leading paint brands in order to answer this question once and for all. So let’s find out how long gloss takes to dry.

How long does gloss take to dry?

Gloss paint takes on average 4-6 hours to be touch dry and 16-24 hours to be re-coatable. Solvent-based gloss will not be fully cured for up to 7 days. This information was gathered after looking at the datasheet of all the big paint manufacturers in the UK.

Water-Based V Oil Based

Traditionally all gloss paint would be oil-based, so this wouldn’t even be a factor to consider. But recently more and more companies are producing a water-based gloss in order to meet environmental standards.

If you are using a water-based gloss then it will rapidly dry. Most water-based paints will be dry within an hour, so for that reason, the rest of this article will be focused on oil-based gloss paints. If you have a water-based gloss and it is not dry within a couple of hours then I would be fairly sure something has gone wrong with the paint.

Gloss Paint Drying Times

So I have been through all the popular gloss paints and dug deep into their technical data sheets to gather together all of the following information. I don’t think you will find a much more complete resource anywhere on the internet!

Most brands offer different drying times for being touch dry, recoatable and fully cured. Let me explain the differences a little.

Touch dry means exactly what it says, the paint will be dry to the touch but it is by no means fully dry. Solvent-based paints form a thin film over the paint which dries quicker than the rest of the paint.

Recoatable means the paint has dried enough that you can apply another coat on top. again though this does not mean the paint is fully dry.

Fully cured is when the paint has properly dried and reached full strength. With a lot of solvent-based paints, this can take weeks, and manufacturers don’t tend to tell you this time.

Another factor to consider with drying times is the application thickness, the thicker you put the point on the longer it will take to dry. All of the manufacturer times below will be based don’t their own recommended thickness application, whatever that may be.


Dulux Once Gloss

“Dulux Once Gloss is a one coat gloss paint for interior wood and metal surfaces.”

Dries in: 16 Hours

Dulux Non Drip Gloss

“Dulux Non Drip Gloss is a beautiful gloss paint that provides long-lasting protection and is easy to use thanks to its Non Drip formulation. “

Recoatable: 16 Hours

Dulux Trade High Gloss

“Dulux Trade High Gloss is a solvent-based formulation which offers excellent flow, giving surfaces a tough, durable high gloss finish.”

Touch Dry: 4-6 Hours

Recoatable: 16-24 Hours

Dulux Trade Metalshield Gloss

“Metalshield Gloss from Dulux Trade is specially formulated for metal. It provides lasting protection against corrosion on metal substrates such as railings, garage doors, liftshafts, staircases and emergency exit routes.”

Touch Dry: 1-2 Hours

Recoatable: 4-6 Hours

Dulux WeatherShield Exterior High Gloss

“Weathershield Exterior High Gloss is specifically developed to give long-lasting, high gloss protection for exterior woodwork. Contains a fungicide to inhibit mould growth on the paint film and help it stay cleaner for longer.”

Touch Dry: 4-6 Hours

Recoatable: 16-24 Hours


Leyland Trade High Gloss

“Our High Gloss offers a top quality, high gloss finish. Suitable for wood and metal work”

Touch Dry: No Time Given

Recoatable: 16-24 hours


Wilko One Coat Interior Gloss

“Wilko One Coat Interior Wood Gloss Paint has exceptional covering power, requires no undercoat and is suitable for both interior and exterior wood and metal”

Dries in 16-24 Hours

Wilko Non-Drip Interior Gloss

“Wilko Non-Drip Interior Wood Gloss Paintbrushes out easily and evenly with no drips. Suitable for both interior and exterior wood and metal.”

Dries in 16-24 Hours


Crown Contract High Gloss

“Crown Contract High Gloss is a traditional solvent-borne liquid gloss which provides a tough and durable high sheen finish, which flows beautifully off the brush”

Touch Dry: 4-6 Hours

Recoatable: 16 Hours


Wickes Non Drip Gloss

“Non-Drip Gloss is a solvent based formulation that provides a hardwearing protective finish. This drip-resistant formulation dries to a traditional high sheen finish and is convenient and easy to apply.”

Recoatable: 16-24 Hours


Armstead Trade High Gloss

“Armstead Trade High Gloss is a professional quality, high gloss finish with excellent durability. Suitable for use on interior and exterior wood, metal and suitably primed masonry surfaces.”

Touch Dry: 4-6 Hours

Recoatable: 16-24 Hours


Rubbol AZ Plus

“Rubbol AZ Plus is a high build, high gloss, solvent-borne opaque coating for exterior and interior timber joinery and trim, suitably primed metals and hard plastics.”

Touch Dry: 2.5 Hours

Recoatable: 18 Hours

Rubbol XD Gloss

“Rubbol XD Gloss is an exceptionally durable high build, high gloss, solvent-borne opaque coating for exterior and interior timber joinery and trim, suitably primed metals and hard plastics. Rubbol XD Gloss is not recommended for use indoors as its drying times may be extended”

Touch Dry: 6-7 Hours

Recoatable: 24 Hours


Sandtex 10 Year Exterior Gloss

“Sandtex 10 Year Exterior Gloss provides ultimate endurance for all exterior wood, metal and PVC-u”

Touch Dry: 6 Hours

Recoatable: 16 Hours

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