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Best Makita Cordless Drill For Home Use

Choosing a drill is no easy task, there are so many manufacturers that make very similar tools. Then even when you have chosen a manufacturer they have tons of different models, so how do you choose one? Well luckily for you I happen to be a bit of a Makita aficionado, having used the teal tools throughout my entire professional career. So when it comes to Makita cordless drills, I know what I’m talking about, so let me help you find the best Makita drill for home use.

The Best Makita Cordless Drill For Home Use

Below is my recommended drill you buy for home use. I will jump into more detail below as to why I think this is the best bang for your buck purchase.


Why is this Makita drill the best for home use?

There are a few reasons why this is the drill I recommend for home use, one of the main ones being price. For a good price, you get a full kit here, including the tool, battery, charger and accessory kit.

Battery Included

This is important, all of the big tool manufacturers sell their tools as “bare units” as well as packages. A bare unit is where it is the tool only and you are expected to already have batteries and a charger. This is great for people who already have the batteries as they can get the tool at a much cheaper price. For those people just starting out and getting their first tool, it is a pitfall to be aware of. If you accidentally buy a “bare tool” then you can always buy the charger and battery separately, however, this nearly always costs more than getting them as part of a package deal.

Makita Drill, Battery, Charger and Case

Makita Drill, Battery, Charger and Case

Batteries are also expensive, a genuine 3.0Ah Makita battery is above £50 at the time of writing. Add in a charger at around £20-£30 and you begin to see the real value in this package deal.

Accessory Kit

The accessory kit that comes included with this bundle has many of the key tools and bits you will need for DIY jobs around the house. Makita makes decent quality bits, they are not the best in the world but are a cut above a lot of the cheaper unbranded crap out there.

In the kit you get:

  • Drill Bits
  • Driver Bits
  • Spade Bits
  • Hole Saw
  • Spirit Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket Bits
  • Counter Sink Bit
  • Socket Adapter

About the Drill

Anyone familiar with Makita will know they make high-quality tools, and in particular, high-quality drills. If treated right, and not punished by being made to mix cement or anything else you should never do with a drill, then this will last you a long long time. I still have the first Makita drill I bought around 10 years ago. It doesn’t get much use these days as I have upgraded my kit to a professional standard (still Makita though!) but it still works just fine and is a great backup to have. So for DIY use around the house, this thing will last and last.

The drill comes with a two-speed gearbox, which is really useful for changing up the speed to avoid slipping and ruining screw heads.

Makita DHP453FX12 Combi Drill

Makita DHP453FX12 Combi Drill

The DHP453 has 43 Nm of torque available over 16 different torque settings. 43 Nm is more than enough torque to get any job around the house done.

The chuck on this drill is really easy to use, just screw with your hand, no need for tools. You can swap bits in seconds with a little bit of practice.

Tool Platform

One thing to consider when buying your drill is what tool platform you want to be on. A drill is usually the first tool you buy, and as batteries cost almost as much as the tools these days, once you have chosen a brand you normally stick with it. Once you have the batteries and chargers you can buy other tools as “bare” meaning you get them at a much better price.

While this is great, it does put more pressure on your initial choice of brand. You might well be using their tools for a long long time.

For the record, Makita is my tool platform of choice. They are what I first went with as a young apprentice and are what I still use to this day. You will notice a lot of tradesmen with Makita tools and there is a simple reason for that. The tools are quality but not ridiculously priced.

The 18v range from Makita is huge and features pretty much any tool you can think of, Makita even have battery-powered lawnmowers in their range that use the same batteries as your drill!

The Full kit

The Full kit

Still Unsure?

If you still haven’t made your mind up on which is the best cordless drill for you then feel free to drop me an email at and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have!

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