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Can Milwaukee Batteries Get Wet?

Using cordless tools in the UK can often involve them getting wet, after all, we are all too aware of how much it rains over here. But this can cause obvious concerns, like can your power tool batteries get wet? Let’s have a look at Milwaukee batteries in particular and see if they can get wet.

What cells are in a Milwaukee battery

Are Milwaukee Batteries Waterproof?

No, standard Milwaukee batteries are not waterproof. The battery is not a sealed unit so water can always get in. There is no rubber gasket or anything like that around the join which would help make the battery waterproof.

So water can get into the battery, this is not a specific Milwaukee issue and is true for any power tool battery I have seen, to be honest.

So Can Milwaukee Batteries Get Wet?

So we know that these cordless drill batteries are not waterproof, so that means they cant get wet? Right?

Well, slow down there a little bit cowboy. Just because the batteries are not fully waterproof does not mean that they cannot get wet.

The Milwaukee battery packs are tightly sealed together, while this is not a fully waterproof seal it will be able to stand up to splashes of water. The cells inside of a Milwaukee battery are also fully covered inside the pack, although the connections are still exposed. What this means for you is that you can definitely use Milwaukee cordless tools in the rain.

The cells are fully covered
The cells are fully covered

Unless it is absolutely tipping it down the rain is not going to make its way inside the battery. Well, at least not in any quantity that would damage the battery.

What you do not want to do is fully submerge the battery in water. nor do you want to leave it sitting out in the rain. There are plenty of gaps in the battery housing where water can find its way in if you do this.

One of the worst areas for water ingress is where the battery connects to the tool. For this reason, they are much more water-resistant when plugged into a tool. When in a tool the only area where water can get in is the seal where the two halves of the battery connect together.

This is a very tight join and will be hard for water to get in here if the battery is not submerged.

Can You Use A Cordless Drill in the Rain?

Yes, you can and I often have. There will be many times when you are working on-site that you have to use a cordless drill in the rain.

It will not destroy the drill, they are water-resistant and can stand up to a bit of rain. What you never want to do is submerge the drill in water.

And always dry your tools off after they have gotten wet, otherwise, you are just asking for rust to start forming.

The cordless drill batteries will also be fine with a little rain. As long as the battery is in a drill and the top is not exposed to the rain. Drill batteries are slightly water resistant but not waterproof.

What Can Happen if they get wet?

So while I say that these batteries can often get a little wet without issue, there can sometimes be catastrophic results if water does get into the battery pack.

What can happen if the lithium cells get wet is that they short out, this can then lead to a fire. Lithium battery fires can get nasty and cause some serious damage, destroying any tools nearby.

So this is always something to be aware of and to remind you not to leave your batteries out and exposed in the rain, this is where there is the greatest chance of water getting into the battery pack.

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Wednesday 20th of April 2022

3 x 5amp milwaukee batteries destroyed by working in the rain. £225 to replace. I suggest before you go on about how good they are that you try it yourself!!!