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Where are Bosch products made?

Finding out where your products are made is important to a lot of people. Different manufacturing locations can produce different quality products. And then there is the whole ethical debate to think about, many people don’t want to source products from countries with questionable labour laws.

Where are Bosch Products Made
Where are Bosch Products Made

So where are Bosch products made? Let’s have a look together and find out. For this article, I will mainly be focusing on their products that are sold in the UK market.

Power Tools

I’m going to start with the power tools arm of Bosch, as this is more familiar for me and I actually own a few Bosch tools so can look up the labels.

Bosch Drill Bits Made in Vietnam
Bosch Drill Bits Made in Vietnam

As we can see here these drill bits are made in Vietnam. It seems that Bosch has a lot of east Asian production, particularly around accessories.

You will find bits made in Vietnam, China and Malaysia in particular.

When it comes to the actual power tools themselves then things are blurry. Bosch breaks their power tools down into different categories. You have the green power tools which are made for the DIY market and the blue power tools that are made for pros.

We have a green Bosch drill here at the workshop, it was part of our The Best Cordless Drills Under £100 test. I can confirm that this drill is made in Hungary. I believe that most if not all of the range of green power tools are made in Hungary.

The blue power tools seem to be made in Germany and also China. I do not know which are made in Germany and which are made in China but it would make sense that the more expensive ones will tend to be made in Germany.

Garden Equipment

The garden equipment that Bosch makes can seemingly be from anywhere. There are some bits made in the Uk, some in other European countries and some in east Asia.

I think the simple answer is to look at the box or look at the description if you are buying online.

Home Appliances

Bosch is also known for making a wide range of kitchen and home appliances. From what I have been able to find online a lot of these are made within Europe. At least when it comes to the European and UK market.

There is quite a lot of production in Poland as well as Germany along with smaller factories in other European countries.