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Can You Whip Elmlea Double Cream?

Elmlea is an alternative to regular double cream, made to last a lot longer than normal double cream. In fact, it has over double the shelf life of regular dairy cream.

But can you whip Elmlea double cream? Well, there is one way to find out for sure. I nipped down to the shops and got a tub of Elmlea double cream and tried to whip it up, lets see what happened.

Whipping Elmlea Double Cream

So let’s find out if this stuff whips. I will be using a mechanical whisk in a regular plastic mixing bowl. No fancy tricks here such as making sure the cream and mixing bowl is cold. I’m just gonna pour it in and whisk, lazy man style.

Can you whip Elmlea double cream
Can you whip Elmlea double cream?

Just so you know I was using the real deal you can find a picture of the tub above.

The Elmlea double cream in a mixing bowl
The Elmlea double cream in a mixing bowl

I’ve poured it into a mixing bowl and it is now ready to whip. This stuff looks identical to double cream, I don’t know what the difference is meant to be apart from it having a longer shelf life.

It looks the same, pours the same and has the same taste.

Whipped Elmlea Double Cream
Whipped Elmlea Double Cream

Yes, it does whip, as you can clearly see in the above image.

I whipped it just as normal with an electric whisk. it whipped up quickly and easily and whipped into a really fluffy mixture.

It whipped up exactly the same as double cream does, to be honest, apart from the tub it came out of I wouldn’t say I noticed any difference at all.


So we have shown that Elmlea double cream can be whipped. Not only that it can whip really easily, just like regular double cream.

If you want a cream for whipping then Elmlea double cream will definitely do the job.

Why Does Cream Whip?

Cream whips because of the fat content within it. When you whip up cream you are adding air bubbles into the cream.

The fat content also gets broken up by the whisking, these fat molecules then get stuck within the air bubbles preventing them from reverting to type.

This is what leads to whipped cream being so light and airy. Not the most scientific writing but I think it gets the reasoning behind why cream whips fairly well.

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