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Can You Whip Evaporated Milk?

Evaporated milk is milk that has had a lot of the water content evaporated off to make it thicker. Unlike condensed milk it is not sweetened, this has led to people calling evaporated milk un-sweetened condensed milk. So now you know a bit of the back story let’s get to the meat and potatoes, does it whip?

I nipped to the shops and bought a tin of evaporated milk, let see if it whips. I will be using a plastic mixing bowl and an electric whisk in order to try and whip the evaporated milk.

Can You Whip Evaporated Milk
Can You Whip Evaporated Milk

So here you can see the tin of evaporated milk, time to put it out into a mixing bowl and beat the living daylight out of the stuff.

The Evaporated milk in a mixing bowl
The Evaporated milk in a mixing bowl

Evaporated milk is still quite watery, especially when you compare it to condensed milk which is much less viscous. Will that affect how it whips, we will certainly find out.

As I said earlier, I will be using an electric whisk to whip this evaporated milk. I want to use this as a) I’m a lazy sod and manual whisking is hard work and b) I just want to find out if it is possible to whip it, not necessarily how hard it is to whip manually.

After Whipping
After Whipping

So this is after a few minutes of whipping. The most obvious difference is the colour change. As more air has been whipped into the evaporated milk the colour has changed quite a bit and gone much lighter.

It has also foamed up and increased in volume. It has, however, definitely not whipped. I will go back to whipping and see if it does eventually whip.

Foamed up
Foamed up

This is after even more whipping, it has probably been whipped for around 30 minutes now. You can really see how much it has foamed up and expanded. it has gone from being a bit of evaporated milk in the bottom of the mixing bowl to filling at least half of the bowl.

It has though definitely not whipped, it has foamed. This has changed the evaporated milk quite a bit but I can’t say it is whipped. I imagine after being left to sit a lot of this foaminess will disappear as all of the bubbles pop.


So for the conclusion, no you cannot make whipped evaporated milk, but you can make it foam up and expand into foamy, high volume milk.

Why Does Cream Whip?

Cream whips because of the fat content within it. When you whip up cream you are adding air bubbles into the cream.

The fat content also gets broken up by the whisking, these fat molecules then get stuck within the air bubbles preventing them from reverting to type.

This is what leads to whipped cream being so light and airy. Not the most scientific writing but I think it gets the reasoning behind why cream whips fairly well.

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Bronwen Taylor

Monday 28th of March 2022

If you chill the evaporated milk for a while if foams up even better. We used to have it on some hot deserts when I was a child. You can also mix foamed evap milk with jelly that is not mixed with full amount if water to make a fluffy but set pink .pudding.