Milwaukee tools are a highly popular American tool brand, but are Milwaukee tools still made in America? Or are they now made in China like everything else? Let’s have a look and find out.

Well, I happen to have a Milwaukee drill sat here next to me, so let’s have a look at where it is made.

M18 Drill Made in China
M18 Drill Made in China

This is a brand new M18 combi drill. As you can clearly see on the sticker this drill is made in the Peoples Republic of China.

Now let’s have a look at the battery as these can be often made in a different place to the tool itself.

M18 Battery Made in China
M18 Battery Made in China

Again the battery is made in China, I think we have easily answered this question with a quick look but let’s keep going and see if the charger I have is also made in China.

Milwaukee Charger Made in China
Milwaukee Charger Made in China

And there we have it, the hat trick. All three components, the drill, battery & charger are made in China on this brand new M18 drill.

So for my drill at least, it is definitely made in China. This seems to be true for all new Milwaukee tools, with them all being made in China now and no loner made in the USA.

Milwaukee Tool History

So why is this American brand now made in China and the good ol USA? The answer to that is again pretty simple, Milwaukee tool was sold to the Hong Kong based company Techtronic Industries in 2005.

Since then the tools have mainly been made in China.

Interestingly Techtronic Industries also own numerous other famous brands. Brands such as AEG, Ryobi, Hoover and Vax.


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