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Does The WORX Battery Have Any Cross Compatability?

When buying tools cross-compatibility of the batteries can be an important factor to consider. With that in mind, let’s have a look and find out if the Worx batteries work with any other tools and vice versa.

Worx Battery
Worx Battery

The Worx battery is cross-compatible with the 18v Erbauer batteries and tools. There is a simple reason for this, they were manufactured by the same company.

Worx is owned by a company called Positec Tool Corporation, this company also manufacturers for other brands under a white label setup. One of these used to be Erbauer.

I say used to be as the new blue Erbauer tools are apparently no longer cross-compatible. I haven’t been able to test this myself as I don’t own either of these brands.

From looking at this latest development though it seems that maybe the tools are no longer produced by the same company.

Battery Adapters

You can find tons of different adapters that let you use your battery in tools that they weren’t intended to be used in.

Just do a quick google for Worx battery adapter and see if you can find one for the battery you need.

Print Your Own Adapter

If you happen to own a 3D printer then power tools battery modifications happen to be a popular print.

There are lots of people who have already designed the models for battery pack converters, so it’s always worth having a look and seeing if there is a 3D model already ready to print off.

These tend to need a bit of electrical work outside of the print to get them to work but there is nothing too complex going on.

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