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Are Stanley Fatmax Batteries Compatible With DeWALT?

Many people will know that DeWALT is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. For this reason, you may well wonder if the batteries in their power tools are cross-compatible. After all, they are made by the same company so it would make sense, but does it hold true?

Are The Batteries Compatible?

No, they are not. They used to be though! Stanley Fatmax has recently launched an updated range of power tools under the V20 brand.

These power tools and batteries are not compatible with DeWALT power tools and batteries.

Above you can see an example of the new V20 range of power tools.

As a side note, I absolutely love this range of tools. For me, they offer the perfect medium between performance and price. If you are interested have a look at some of my reviews of the range such as:

The Brand New V20 Battery
The Brand New V20 Battery

Trying to use a Fatmax Battery in a DeWalt tool

So just to show you that they don’t fit here you can see me trying to fit a Stanley Fatmax V20 battery into a DeWALT drill.

Trying to fit a stanley battery on a dewalt drill
Trying to fit a Stanley battery on a DeWalt drill

And in the below image you can see why they won’t fit together. There is a bit of plastic on the battery that stops it from sliding into the DeWALT drill.

This bit of plastic stops it sliding on
This bit of plastic stops it from sliding on

Older Fatmax Tools

This V20 range of power tools is actually the second iteration of Stanley Fatmax power tools. The first-gen did apparently have cross-compatibility with DeWALT batteries and tools.

I say apparently because I never owned one of these older models so never got the chance to test this for myself. So I have to rely on reports from other users.

The reports from other users though are that they definitely do work with DeWALT batteries.


The internals on these batteries are very similar, to be perfectly honest this is really the case for all power tool batteries.

They often use the same brand of battery cells, with just the PCB boards being different.

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