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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Stanley Fatmax Battery?

Stanley Fatmax power tools are rapidly gaining in popularity in the UK and for a reason. These are affordable but still quality power tools that fill the gap between DIY level and pro-level tools.

If you are looking at buying a new range of tools one important question to ask is how long the batteries take to charge.

The Brand New V20 Battery
The Brand New V20 Battery

This can really affect how useful the tools are to you. I bought a cheap cordless chainsaw once, it was some Chinese brand, and the chainsaw works great. But the battery takes about 4 hours to charge and only runs for 20 mins.

This total negates how useful the tool is as I’m never using it but always charging the damn thing.

So with that, let’s have a look at how long Stanley Fatmax batteries take to charge, and if you’re looking at buying then it’s really good news.

Different Charges

The V20 Fatmax range of tools does have a few different charger options. The one that is usually bundled with the tools is a 2A charger.

Fatmax Battery and Charger
Fatmax Battery and Charger

This charge will charge a 2Ah battery in 1 hour and a 4Ah battery in 2 hours. This isn’t bad at all and is so much faster than a lot of the cheaper tools which can easily take 4 hours plus to charge a larger battery.

Then there is also a 4A fast charger available for around £40. This halves the previous charge times. Meaning you can charge a 2Ah battery in 30 minutes and a 4Ah battery in an hour.

This is about as fast as I have seen a power tool battery be charged. If you have 2 4Ah batteries and a fast charger then it is very unlikely you will ever be sat around waiting for a battery to charge.

The Batteries

While you are here you may be interested to learn a little about the batteries Stanley are using in the new Fatmax V20 range.

I have a few of these tools so decided to crack one of the batteries open and have a look inside.

Inside The Battery Pack
Inside The Battery Pack

The results are really impressive for a lower cost tool. Rather than using cheap off-brand battery cells like a lot of their competitors will Stanley are using Samsung 20R cells.

Samsung makes some of the best battery cells around and you can rest assured that these cells will last and last.

Samsung 20R Cells!
Samsung 20R Cells!

Fatmax Tool Reviews

If you are looking at buying some Fatmax tools then you may well be interested in reading the below reviews.


Sunday 17th of October 2021

I have always wondered what was inside my 18v batteries, now I know, thanks