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Are Stanley Fatmax Tools Any Good?

If you are shopping around for tools then you will have come across the Fatmax range. It is huge and covers a huge range of tools, even power tools can now be bought under the Fatmax name.

But are they any good? The short answer is yes, they are. They are perfect tools for high-level DIYers and even budget-conscious professionals.

What gives me the right to state this? I have tested tons of these Stanley Tools. Dan who runs this website with me is a bit of a Fatmax addict. As such I have had extensive access to these tools.

If you want to read some of my reviews then I will include them below.

Fatmax tools have also won my competitions quite often, with the Fatmax Drill winning my best cordless drills under £100 article.

Brushed at the front brushless at the back
Brushed at the front brushless at the back

The new V20 range of power tools is excellent and available at a really competitive price.

It’s also a big range, with pretty much every cordless tool covered.

The batteries are another strong point for these power tools. I cracked one open and was very pleased to see it contained Samsung 20R cells. Samsung makes some of the best batteries on the market, so you know these will last and last.

Samsung 20R Cells!
Samsung 20R Cells!

Beyond power tools, the range of Fatmax hand tools is also great. The tape measure is a particular standout product and is favoured by tons of professionals.

Everything under the Fatmax name seems to be a step up in quality over the regular Stanley tool brand.

Even the stackable toolboxes they offer are a great product. These are actually the toolboxes Dan uses at home, I told you he was a Fatmax addict!

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