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Are Stanley Fatmax and DeWALT the same?

Stanley Fatmax has recently launched a new range of power tools under the name V20. They look a lot like DeWALT power tools and this has led some people to wonder if they are the same thing.

This isn’t as far fetched as it sounds at first. After all Stanley and DeWALT are all part of the same company, Stanley Black & Decker.

Think of them as the Coca Cola of the tool world. Owning lots of different brands, Stanley, Black and Decker, DeWALT, Bostitch, Irwin and some American brands that you don’t see in the UK.

The Brushless Drill and Impact Driver
The Brushless Drill and Impact Driver

So are they the same, well no. They are completely separate tools, despite looking a lot like the DeWALTs.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t share some similarities. I mean, put yourself in Stanley Black & Deckers shoes, why reinvent the wheel with these tools when they already have the knowledge from DeWALT.

Surely they will share a lot of parts and design ideas. It just doesn’t make any business sense for them not to.

Stanley Fatmax V20 Cordless Sander
Stanley Fatmax V20 Cordless Sander

I have tested out quite a few of the Stanley Fatmax tools and I have always been very impressed with them.

They seem to be designed to fill the gap between DIY tools, which is what the Black and Decker brand is for and professional tools, which is the slot DeWALT fills.

I would definitely say they have achieved this. Being very capable tools at a much more affordable price.

If you want to read some of my Fatmax reviews I have included a few below for you.

Are the batteries cross compatible?

I have written a full article on this which you can find here, but I will also give you the TL;DR.

No, they are not compatible, not with the new V20 range at least. The older Fatmax tools were apparently compatible with DeWALT batteries but that no longer holds true.

A lot of the battery internals are the same though and you can purchase adapters.

Are the Fatmax Tools Any Good?

Yes, I really like them. They are powerful tools that pack a real punch at a great price point.

In fact, the Stanley Fatmax Combi Drill won my best drills under £100 post!

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