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Stanley Fatmax Cordless Oscillating multi-tool Review

Oscillating Multi-tools are incredibly versatile and come in useful so often. They are one of those tools that can get you out of trouble again and again.

I would recommend having one in your arsenal. But at what price? Multi-tools from the big brands can end up setting you back a good few hundred quid.

Luckily the multi-tool we are looking at today is a remedy for that. It comes in at around £100 tool only and £150 with a 4Ah battery and charger. If it is up to snuff then that price looks like a real steal.

Video Review

I have included a link to my full video review below. Watch that if you’d prefer to watch rather than read or keep scrolling for the more in-depth text review!

Should You Get It?

For those of you in a hurry and who don’t want to read the full review then let’s cut to the chase. Should you buy this tool?

The short answer is yes! This is a great tool with many pro features at a cracking price.

I have tested a few things from the V20 range and been impressed with everything so I have no hesitations in telling anyone, whether DIY or pro to give them a try!

Highly Recommended!
Stanley FatMax V20 18V Cordless Multi Tool

A high quality tool at a great price.

Part of the new V20 range from Stanley Fatmax.

Buy Now At Toolstation
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In the box

So what comes included with the Stanley Fatmax? Thankfully Stanley hasn’t cut corners here to get the cost down. The multi-tool comes with all the accessories you will need for most jobs.

In the box, you will find a wood blade, a wood and metal blade, a grout blade and a sanding pad as well as sanding paper in a variety of grits. There is also a dust extraction hose that connects to the sander. This then hooks up to your vacuum allowing for efficient dust extraction, a nice little addon.

Another thing I wanted to mention is actually the box itself. With the Fatmax you actually get a hard carry case. A lot of other multi-tools around this price that I have tested come only with a cardboard box.

This is a really nice thing to have, you can store your tool away easily without worrying about it being damaged.

Testing the tool

To test this Oscillating Multi-tool out we put it through our newly designed multi-tool testing course. We will go through four nails, saw some skirting board, both pine and MDF and then finally finish with some solid ash flooring.

This will test a lot of the regular uses for a multi-tool. I know that in my day job as a joiner my multi-tool gets used most often for cutting skirting boards in hard to reach places.

Sawing Nails

This is another great use for multi-tools. If you have a nail sticking up in some awkward spot then your options to get rid of it can be limited. One choice is a grinder, but another is a multi-tool.

For this test, I nailed four nails into a piece of timber and then sawed them off. Let’s have a look at how the Stanley Fatmax Multi-tool got on.

Sawing Skirting Board

As I said earlier, this is the job that I get the multi-tool out of the van for more often than anything else. When the skirting is on the wall there are too many other ways of sawing them other than using a multi-tool.

Sawing Ash Flooring

This is solid ash that I have leftover from a wood floor that I recently laid. Ash is a hardwood so this will be a thorough test for any multi-tool.

The Battery

If you have read any of my other reviews of Fatmax tools then you will know that the batteries are a big selling point. The new V20 range from Stanley uses Samsung 20R cells in the packs.

Note that the tool comes with a 4Ah battery bit this is a 2Ah in the photo!

The Brand New V20 Battery
The Brand New V20 Battery

This means these packs are top quality. They will offer a lot of capacity and will last and last.

The battery pack is a crucial part of any cordless power tool and can make or break the range. So it is great news that Stanley decided to go with such high-quality cells in these.

Samsung 20R Cells!
Samsung 20R Cells!

Quick Tool-less Blade Change

This is a real selling point of this multi-tool. I have tried a lot of multi-tools in my time and have seen all sorts of blade changing mechanisms. Some quick release, some not, some tool-less some not.

Let me just say that I think the quick release on the Fatmax is the best I have ever used. Well maybe joint best, and that’s because this is taken straight from the DeWALT multi-tool.

From my memory the mechanism is identical, and why not? It’s a fantastic mechanism so if you’ve got it, use it!


Multi-tools being as versatile as they are can be used for a wide range of jobs. one such job is sanding, and the Fatmax doesn’t disappoint here either.

It comes with a sanding attachment, complete with a dust hose that can be hooked up to a vacuum as well as some sanding sheets (in a variety of grits).

I gave it a run out on a piece of painted ash wood and was actually surprised at how well the sander worked. The dust extraction was also excellent, sucking up every bit of dust.

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