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Can you cut branches with a reciprocating saw?

A reciprocating saw or sabre saw is a tool lots of us already have for cutting through pretty much anything. But can you cut branches with a reciprocating saw? Well yeah, with the correct blades you definitely can, read on to find out how and also the best tools for the job.

can you cut branches with a reciprocating saw in article

The right blades

You will need the right blades in your reciprocating saw in order to cut tree branches. You want a greenwood cutting blade with large teeth. The right blade in the right saw will cut through tree branches like butter. For help finding the perfect blade for pruning check out our best pruning blades for reciprocating saws article.

The right saw

As crucial as the blade is ensuring you choose the right saw. You want plenty of power but also want to keep the weight and size down. Low weight will be handy when you are trying to reach branches. A heavy reciprocating saw will weigh you down. 

Like weight, size is also important. You want the smallest saw that packs the biggest punch. When trying to get in between branches, mainly if you are working in the main canopy of the tree, a small saw will be a massive advantage. Luckily for you, we have also written a piece on the best reciprocating saws for pruning.

The right branch

Don’t get carried away here; you’re not going to cut through the main trunk of a large tree with a reciprocating saw. But you may be pleasantly surprised with the size of the branch they will go through.