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Best Pruning Blade for a reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is a popular choice for pruning trees, and while most blades will do the trick, you will get there a lot faster with the best pruning blade for a reciprocating saw. So with that said, let’s jump into our buyer’s guide and find you the perfect sabre saw blade. Make sure you also check out our best reciprocating saws for pruning.

best pruning blade for reciprocating saw article


Bosch Professional Pruning Blade for Reciprocating Saw

For use with reciprocating saws with 1/2 Inch universal shank systems. The S 1531 L Top for Wood Reciprocating Saw Blade delivers clean, fast cuts for pruning wooden materials. It’s pointed, sharp-ground teeth are ideal for exact pruning results and also prevent damage to plants. Moreover, the blade has a large tooth pitch (5 mm), and large gullets remove material quickly, enabling rapid cutting. Made of HCS (high carbon steel), the reciprocating saw blade is appropriate for pruning greenwood. It has a long length of 240 mm, which enables a cutting capacity of up to 190 mm.

In this pack you get five blades, making them great value. I have always found Bosch accessories such as drill bits and saw blades to be of excellent quality. They really do make great saw blades and do it at a very reasonable price too.

Best Pruning Blades
Bosch Professional 5 pieces Pruning Blades

Clean and fast cuts for pruning wooden materials. S 1531 L top for wood reciprocating saw blade delivers clean fast cuts for pruning wooden materials

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Runner up

Irwin makes good quality affordable tools and accessories; these pruning blades are great if you are on a budget. These blades are hard wearing so will last you a good while. They have good large teeth which are perfect for getting through green wood, an essential feature when you are pruning.


  • Blade Type: 606R
  • Length: 150 mm
  • TPI 25mm/Inch: 6
  • Pack: 5
  • Bosch: S811 S828
  • DeWalt: DW4850
  • Starrett: B66
  • Ultra: 9003