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Why Are Milwaukee Tools So Expensive?

Milwaukee is a well-known power tool brand, but they are also well known for being a little expensive. Is this tag earned, or is it a little unfair? Let’s have a look and get this joiner’s perspective.

So are Milwaukee tools expensive? Well yes and no. They are definitely one of the more expensive popular tool brands, with their kit often coming in more expensive than DeWALT and Makita.

But on the other hand, they make really good tools, which often outperform DeWALT and Makita. So yes it may be a little more expensive but it is also often a slightly better product.

Actually Not That Expensive

One thing I am noticing more and more is that Milwaukee stuff seems to be getting more affordable here in the UK. This is especially true to tool-only deals, where you buy the tool bare without a battery and charger.

For example, at the time of writing, you can get a Milwaukee 18V cordless saw for around £120 tool only. This is pretty much the same price as DeWALT’s cheapest offering and also around the same price as Makitas cheapest circular saw.

Looking back only a few years this wouldn’t have been the case and Milwaukee would have cost the most out of the three, or so I think anyway. maybe I am just misremembering, but I always remember Milwaukee being more expensive than both DeWALT and Makita.

Other Tools

This pricing seems to hold true in other tools as well and is not just confined to circular saws. I have just had a look on Screwfix for reciprocating saws, or the Sawzall as Milwaukee has coined it.

You can get a Milwaukee for £129.99 a Bosch for £139.99 a DeWALT for £129.99 or a Makita for £99.99. These are all 18V and all sold as tool only.

Apart from the outlier with the Makita, you can see how similar priced these tools are from all brands. You can also clearly see how competitive Milwaukee now is on price, here in the UK at least.