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What do the Lights on a Ingco Charger Mean?

If you have just bought an ingco power tool and have put the battery on charge then you may well be wondering what all of the lights on the charger actually mean. Well luckily for you I have made this handy guide to easily explain what all of the different lights mean.

Solid Green Light

Solid Green Light

Solid Green light

This means that your battery is fully charged and is ready to be removed from the charger. You can go ahead and use this in your tool now at full poweeeeer.

Flashing Green light

This is the light you will probably see most often, this means your battery is charging but is not fully charged yet.

Leave it here to charge away and then the light will stop flashing and turn solid green once it is done.

ingco battery charger

ingco battery charger

Those are the standard lights you will normally see, so as a quick rule of thumb: if you see a green light then all is well.

If you see a red light however that means you have an error, Let’s jump into exactly what they can mean now.

Flashing Red Light

This is the temperature error. It means your battery is either too hot or is too cold and will not be charging. The charger doesn’t specify which it is, too hot or too cold, but you can work that out by yourself fairly simply.

Too cold for a power tool battery is normally around 2 degrees celsius or less, so unless it is freezing cold then your battery is likely to be too hot.

Solid Red Light

This is a more general error with your battery and means it has serious issues. The first thing you should try is taking the battery off the charger and then putting it back on. Reseating the battery like this could fix an alignment issue that could be causing this.

If the error persists then you could have a much bigger problem. I would take the battery off charge and not use it again. Also, dispose of the battery properly, there is a problem and it could cause a fire. lithium battery fires are serious and not something you ever want to happen.


Thursday 28th of July 2022

Hey Sam . Sam I am confused. When I put my new ingco 20v drill battery which shows 1 green light inti my new 20v ingco charger the green light flashes 2 times then a solid green . But the battery is dead and staying on 1 green light. Am I doing something wrong ? . It's quite an expensive drill set and I am very frustrated with this issue. Please can you brain storm this and let me know.

Friendly and kind regards.

Jo ... Cape Town South Africa