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What do the Lights on a Ryobi Charger Mean?

If you have just got yourself a Ryobi power tool then you may well be wondering just what all the flashing lights on the charger mean. Well, let me help you out with this handy guide to what all of the lights on a Ryobi charger mean.

Ryobi Power Tool Charger

Ryobi Power Tool Charger

Solid Red Light

The single solid red light means that the charger is on but there is no battery in it. If you see this light but there is a battery in then try taking it out and putting it back in to see if the battery wasn’t quite seated right.

Solid Green Light

A solid green light on its own means that the battery is fully charged and it has stopped charging.

Flashing Red Light

This means the battery is being tested and will be charged soon. It is not an error light. It can be caused by the battery being too hot or indeed too cold.

It can also be caused by the battery being really discharged. With this light, if you just leave the charger alone the battery will eventually start to charge once the correct conditions have been reached.

Flashing Red Light & Flashing Green Light

If both the red and the green light are flashing then this means there is an error with your battery or charger.

You can try removing the battery and then putting it back in and seeing if this fixes it. If not then there is an error with the charger or battery.

If you have another battery try that and see if it charges. If it does then that means the problem lies with your battery. If it doesn’t charge then the issue could possibly be with your charger, or maybe two bad batteries!

Solid Red Light & Flashing Green Light

This is the standard charging mode. The battery is being charged but it is not fully charged yet. Leave it alone and the battery will continue to charge until it is full.