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Who Makes Terratek Tools?

If you have heard of Terratek tools then you have probably been looking on Amazon, this brand makes really cheap drills, along with a few other tools. But who makes Terratek tools?

Terratek Drill in Box
Terratek Drill in Box

In order to try and find out, and also to review it, I went ahead and bought a Terratek drill on Amazon. let’s have a look at it and see what we can find out.

From looking at the box I can see that the Terratek brand is owned by FUTURA Direct Ltd, a UK company. The drill itself has been made in China and then imported by this company.

The drill itself is pretty standard fare, most of these cheaper drills use the same or similar components. There really isn’t much to see inside one of these drills.

Inside the terratek drill
Inside the terratek drill

Looking inside the drill we can see all of the components. There is a switch that is activated by the trigger, a motor, gearbox and chuck.

These are the standard components of any drill really and are what define the quality of the drill. So if we are digging a little deeper and trying to find out where this drill is made we can look at some of the components, the only easily identifiable component I could find was the motor.

The Motor
The Motor

From the labelling, we can see that this is a DC 18V motor. The only other bit of info is the RS-550S number on the side of the motor, lets stick this in google and see if we can find the part.

Putting it into google brings up the motor and it is a pretty standard affair, readily available at places like Amazon.

So the only other two parts of this drill are the gearbox and chuck. This is where the quality of a drill is really decided, the motor matters, but not as much as these two. And then of course there is also the battery when cordless tools are involved.

The Manual

So after looking at the tool, I had a closer read through of the manual, and if I had only started here then I wouldn’t have had to mess around taking the tool apart and looking up part numbers.

Inside the manual itself is an exploded parts diagram of the drill.

Exploded Diagram
Exploded Diagram

At first, there doesn’t look to be anything unexpected here, just a useful exploded diagram of the drill. That is until you look closer at the branding on the drill in the bottom left-hand corner.


Kingbird? Not Terratek? Let’s have a hunt and see if we can find out anything about kingbird. Well, we sure can, as it turns out they are a Chinese manufacturer of power tools.

From their website “NINGBO KINGBIRD POWER TOOLS CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer in Cordless power tools, mainly in Cordless Drill, Cordless Screwdriver,

Our cordless tools cover both Ni-Cd (3.6V~24V) and Lithium-ion (3.6V ~21.6V), and we have big advantage in lithium-ion series over other manufacturers in China.”

Looking through their product catalogue I couldn’t find a drill that matched the Terratek exactly so it looks like this is a unique design for Terratek, but I am fairly confident we have found the manufacturer.

So who makes Terratek tools

From what we have gathered it looks like this is a generic drill made in a Chinese factory probably by Kingbird power tools and then imported by FUTURA Direct Ltd and branded and sold. This is the standard affair for all of these cheaper power tools that you see all over Amazon.

If you are going to get one of these cheaper tools then I do recommend getting something like this that has a UK company attached to it. They will be much easier to get hold of if anything goes wrong, and as they are a UK company they have to adhere to trading standards, meaning you will get much better support than if you bought directly from China.

I may be wrong about this, but this is what I believe from the investigation I have carried out.