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Can You Paint Lining Paper?

Lining paper is a great way to cover up minor imperfections in your walls before wallpapering on top of it. But can it be used for more? Can you just paint straight onto the lining paper to achieve a painted plaster look?

Can you paint lining paper?

Yes, you can. You can even use decorators caulk or other fillers to fill the gaps between lining paper. Once painted you can end up with an extremely smooth finished wall.

Why Use Lining Paper

Lining paper is great for smoothing out walls. It can hide small cracks and bumps. What this means is that you can end up with perfectly smooth walls without needing to replaster.

It is also easy to put up. Lining paper just needs to be pasted and hung on the walls. Unlike wallpaper, there is no pattern to match.

This makes hanging lining paper a lot quicker and easier than hanging wallpaper.

Why Paint Lining Paper?

Well to start with it is really easy to paint. This is pretty easy to understand why, I mean it is paper after all.

If you first put up lining paper and then paint it you will end up with a much smoother finish than if you just paint straight onto your walls.

Unless your plaster is brand new then it will have cracks, holes and dips in it. This is just one of those things that happen over time.

With some nice, thick lining paper applied over the plaster, the wall will be much smoother.

Hiding The Gaps

One issue that can arise with lining paper is gaps in between each row. These can be easily visible through the paint, so we obviously want to fix that before painting.

One way to fix this is by using decorators caulk. You can put some caulk in the gaps and then spread it flat.

This helps to completely eliminate the gaps in the lining paper.

Instead of using decorators caulk, you could also use a multi-purpose filler like Polyfilla. This serves the same purpose and can even be sanded down to achieve an even higher quality finish.

Achieving The Perfect Finish

If you want to make your walls appear brand new then you need a little prep work before and after putting up the lining paper. A bit of paper on its own is not enough to make walls glass smooth.

Before you even think about hanging the lining paper you will want to go through and fill and patch the larger cracks and bumps in the wall.

Use Polyfilla or any off-brand general filler for this. The only important thing is that your filler is sandable.

After applying one round of filler it will inevitably suck in a bit and sink below level. So we want to go back with the second round of filler.

Then after this, you want to sand all of the filler with a high grit paper, something around 240 grit will work well.

So plenty of prep work before we even start with the lining paper. The end results can be really worth it though, leaving you with perfectly smooth walls.

Can You Paint Lining Paper The Same Day?

No, you should leave the lining paper for at least 24 hours to dry out properly. If you don’t you could end up with bubbling and peeling lining paper. I go into this in more detail here.

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