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Can you use bathroom paint in the kitchen

Bathroom paint is a special kind of emulsion formulated to work well in bathrooms. Because of its intended use, this is normally a tough paint that is moisture resistant. because of these properties, many people will no doubt have wondered if you can use it in the kitchen?

Can you use bathroom paint in the kitchen?

Yes, you can. Bathroom paint is normally moisture and steam resistant, properties which will work well in a kitchen. Where it falls down against kitchen paint is that it is not normally grease proof.

You can use any paint in the kitchen, to be honest, it just may not be as perfectly suited as kitchen paint.

Kitchen paint is just a regular emulsion at the end of the day, with a few things added to make it more suited to the kitchen. It is normally formulated to be both water and grease resistant as well as washable.

What is bathroom paint?

Bathroom paint is an emulsion that has been formulated to be moisture and steam resistant. This makes it ideal for use in bathrooms which will obviously be damp rooms. The paints also normally have a fungicide in them to stop the development of mould on the paint.

What is kitchen paint?

Kitchen paints tend to be really tough. They will often be grease resistant as well as moisture resistant. They are often also washable, which is a pretty handy feature in a kitchen.

So why use bathroom paint in the kitchen?

Well, one obvious reason would be that you have some already and don’t want to go out of your way to get more paint. I would definitely say go ahead and use it, it will offer a little more protection than regular paint with no real downsides.

I personally am of the opinion that most of these special paints are more a marketing ploy than anything. Yes, they may offer a few nice features but they are often really expensive.

They could enhance the durability of your kitchen paint and make it last longer, but ask yourself this, will you even see that result? By this I mean how often do you change the colour of your kitchen walls? If they don’t stay the same for a good few years anyway then I would say you won’t really see much of a difference. If you plan on this colour staying for many, many years then sure, go ahead with the kitchen paint.

I would also advise using washable paint like the kitchen paint if you have little ones about. Any parent knows those little handprints end up everywhere, particularly nice freshly painted walls. So the fact that the paint is washable can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

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