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The Best White Matt Emulsion Paint

If you are painting a room and want the best then it can be hard to dig through the plethora of white matt emulsion paints on the market. They all claim to be the best, but how do you actually know which one is?

Well, this is where my guide steps in. I have done a lot of paint testing as part of running this website. This has led me to use a heck of a lot of different white matt emulsion paints.

I break all of this knowledge down in this quick guide, with the sole intent of helping you make the right buying decision and get the perfect emulsion for your needs.

So with no further ado, let’s get into it!

Zinsser Perma White

In my opinion, this is simply the best white matt emulsion paint available, but be warned, it is not cheap.

Zinsser might not be a name everyone is familiar with, but boy do they have the pedigree. They are more famous for their specialist primer paints such as B-I-N, Bullseye and cover stain.

These primers are famed by painters and decorators around the world. Just look at any decorating forum where people are recommending primer and Zinsser B-I-N, in particular, will come up time and time again. It is heralded as a bit of a miracle paint by decorators.

This matt emulsion from Zinsser is no different, and while not as well known as other brands the quality of the paint is unbeatable.

Top Pick!
Zinsser Perma White Self-Priming Interior Paint Matt White 2.5L
£35.99 (£14.40 / l)
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07/05/2022 12:07 am GMT

This emulsion paint is a mould resistant interior paint that contains a biocide that spots and fungus (mould) from growing. This makes it great for kitchens, bathrooms and basements, or anywhere where mould can be a problem.

The paint film is designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering for up to 7 years before first maintenance.

It also bonds well to existing solvent-based or glossy paints, meaning you don’t have to worry about what paint is already on your walls. It also seals flat paint, new drywall, cement block and concrete, it really can do a lot.

The matt paint is scrubbable, meaning you can always clean it if it gets dirty. Highly recommended for high-humidity areas that are subject to challenging wear and tear. Ideal for bathrooms and laundry rooms but to be honest with these properties it is great for use in any room in the home.

Dulux Diamond Matt

If you want to go with a more household brand then this paint from Dulux is probably the next best matt emulsion paint available.

This is recommended by painters all of the time, it is seriously highly rated.

Runner Up
Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Pure Brilliant White 5L
£45.00 (£9.00 / l)
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This helps fund the Bloke Cave and allows us to create epic projects!
07/05/2022 12:05 am GMT

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt is a tough, water-based matt emulsion paint that uses Diamond Technology from Dulux Trade, making it 10 times tougher than Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk and Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt.

Ideal for high traffic areas such as stairwells and hallways, it also offers superior stain resistance through its unique Stain Repellent Technology and will repeatedly wipe clean without polishing up.

All of Dulux’s Diamond products have excellent resistance to marks, scuffs and other damage. Meaning it will last a lot longer than other paints which don’t always have scuff resistance or the ability to be cleaned and scrubbed.

Budget Choice – Johnstone’s

If you want good quality paint but are more limited on a budget then this is the paint for you.

While being a good chunk cheaper than the two paints listed above this white matt emulsion paint is still tough, durable and most importantly, washable.

Washable paint is highly tough and durable, protecting your wall from those everyday marks and spills that can be easily wiped away. Ideal for use in those busy areas of the home.

Budget Choice
Johnstone's 389458 Washable Matt, Brilliant White, 5
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This helps fund the Bloke Cave and allows us to create epic projects!


So there we have it, the best white matt emulsion paints. I would recommend the Zinnser Perma White but I can definitely see why the Dulux is a popular choice, especially with it coming in cheaper.

And then we have the washable Johnstone’s paint, a great quality paint that is the most affordable of the three and gets our recommendation as a budget pick.

Why Buy A High-Quality Paint

Well, the most basic answer is they look better and last a lot longer than cheaper paints. Cheap emulsion paints can often be a false economy.

When it comes to most paint jobs, but in particular walls, the main expense is always going to be about rather than the paint.

I know most people will tackle this job themselves so you immediately see the labour as “free”. But it is not, you will spend a lot of time on this, so the cost comes down to how much you value your own time.

If you use cheaper paint it will require more coats, meaning you spend longer painting.

Then it won’t last as long, meaning you have to go through the whole process again sooner than you would with quality paint.

Then there is the fact that cheaper paints don’t tend to be cleanable. So one stain later you’re having to paint the whole wall again. whereas if you’d bought one of the paints above then you would just be able to clean the stain off the wall, job done!

Painting With Emulsion Guide

So once you have chosen the best emulsion paint you want to make sure you get it onto your walls properly!

So I will provide a quick guide below to help you get the perfect finish on your walls.

Step 1 – Choose Your Weapon

The first place to start is by choosing what you will paint your walls with. Nowadays there are more and more painting tools to choose from. Not long ago your choices were paintbrush or paint roller.

Then paint pads came onto the scene and now home paint sprayers are getting more and more popular.

So which one do you choose? Personally, I still like to use a roller, with a good quality brush for cutting in.

Step 2 – Where To Start

I always recommend starting from the top and working your way down. So if you are painting the full room always paint the ceiling first. Then paint the walls and then, if needed, paint the skirting and doors.

Step 3 – Take Your Time

It always seems cliche to say, but take your time. Lots of people are tempted to rush when it comes to painting. By rushing you are much more likely to end up with a poor quality finish.

If you are splashing out on a high-quality white matt paint like the ones I have listed above then it is even more crucial to take your time.

Paints like the Zinsser Perma white can last for years and years, possibly even a decade. If this paint is going to be on your walls for that long then take an extra few hours while painting to make sure it is perfect.