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Textured Or Smooth Masonry Paint?

When it comes to masonry paint there are two main options, textured masonry paint or smooth masonry paint. Now, which one should you choose, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of each.

Textured Or Smooth?

Textured and smooth masonry paints are very similar. The only difference is that the textured paint has a fine grit in it which gives it texture. This helps it to cover cracks in walls.

Most brands have both textured and smooth paint available. Although it is common for the colour range in the textured paint to be a lot more limited than it is in the smooth range.

Why Choose Textured?

Most people choose textured masonry paint when they are painting rough walls. This is because the texture in the paint can help to mask the rough finish underneath.

If you tried to apply a smooth finish to a really rough wall then all the cracks would be immediately visible through the paint. But the texture in the textured masonry paint can work sort of as camouflage and help to disguise the cracks.

Why Choose Smooth?

This is the default masonry paint that most people will use. It comes in a larger colour range than textured paint and is more readily available.

Most people prefer the appearance of smooth masonry paint when painting over a wall that is in good condition. But as with most things decoration, this is just a personal choice.

Who Makes Textured Masonry Paint?

Most of the big brands have a textured version of their masonry paint. SandTex offers a fine-textured paint as do Dulux, Johnstone’s and most other brands.

With SandTex look for a blue banner on the paint tub rather than a green banner. This is the easiest way to spot the difference between the two paints, well on the shelf at least.

Sandtex Smooth Masonry Paint

Dirt-resistant, breathable and waterproof. This ultra-smooth masonry paint uses “microseal” technology to give unbeatable results. The smooth, creamy, formulation covers large areas fast.

Sandtex Textured Masonry Paint

Sandtex Microseal formulation provides ultimate protection via its flexible coating which resists peeling, cracking and flaking. Its dirt resistant properties maintain the coating’s aesthetic features and offers the benefit of being rainproof in 1 hour so you can complete the job even if the weather forecast is not reliable.

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