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Can you use kitchen paint in a bathroom

Kitchen paint is known as tough, durable paint that also has moisture resistance built-in. It sounds perfect for use in a bathroom, but can this be done? Let’s have a look.

Can you use kitchen paint in a bathroom?

Yes, kitchen paint can be used in a bathroom. Kitchen paint is washable and moisture resistant which will work well in a bathroom. It may not be as moisture-resistant as specialist bathroom paint but there is no reason why you can’t use it.

What is kitchen paint?

Kitchen paint is a type of emulsion specifically designed for use in kitchens, obviously. It is often a really durable paint, this is to stand up to the general wear and tear a paint would face in the kitchen. In fact, a lot of kitchen paints are actually washable, you can easily see why this would be of great advantage when used in a kitchen.

Beyond just being a tough, washable paint kitchen paint is also moisture resistant, again this makes a lot of sense when you contemplate its use. Kitchen paint is going to get water splashed on it, probably quite frequently.

Another feather in the cap of kitchen paint is that it is quite often grease resistant. Not a lot of paints can claim this, and again it is easy to see why this would be a huge advantage for use in a kitchen.

What about in the bathroom

Well, a lot of the features that make kitchen paint great for use in the kitchen also translates to the bathroom. Obviously being water-resistant is brilliant for use in the bathroom, then couple this with being washable and you can see why kitchen paint would be tempting to use in the bathroom.

If this paint is so great then why doesn’t everyone just use it in bathrooms. well for starters it is a lot more expensive than regular emulsion paint. Another factor to consider is colour, while kitchen paint is available in quite a few different colours it has nowhere near the seemingly limitless range of colours that regular emulsion has.

So I would say if you have some kitchen paint left over from another project and are thinking about painting your bathroom with it, then absolutely go for it.

My thoughts

So here are my thoughts on the whole kitchen and bathroom paint situation. As I stated in my can you use bathroom paint in a kitchen article, these are very similar paints. They are both just emulsions at the end of the day, with bits and pieces added to make them better at certain jobs.

Most of the reason they exist as different paints is simply marketing. And you cant really blame the paint companies for it, if people are willing to buy different paints for each room then why not sell them.

I have always just painted the entire house with regular emulsion and never faced any problems. Especially if you are someone who likes to change colours a lot then it is doubtful if you are ever going to leave the paint for long enough to even see the difference it would make. Rant over!

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