Patios can be a real pain to clean, particularly in winter when they tend to go green and slippy! There are lots of different options to clean a patio but we’re going to look at one of the more traditional products that seem to have been around forever, and that is Jeyes fluid.

How to clean a patio with Jeyes fluid

Step 1 – Clear the area

To start with, as with all these kinds of jobs, you need to clear the area first. Move everything out of the area so you have access to the entire patio.

Clear the area
Clear the area

Step 2 – Mix up your Jeyes fluid

To begin this cleaning journey you will need to dilute up your Jeyes fluid as per the instructions. For patios, the recommendation is 150ml of Jeyes fluid to 5 litres of water. If you want more of a sterilising effect then you can just mix your solution stronger.

Mix the Jeyes Fluid
Mix the Jeyes Fluid

Step 3 – Pour onto the patio

Now it’s time to pour your Jeyes fluid mix onto your patio. Pour from the highest point of your patio, it will be designed with a slight gradient so the water flows towards the drains. So, find the high point of your patio, probably opposite the drains, and then pour from here.

Pouring the Jeyes fluid onto patio
Pouring the Jeyes fluid onto patio

Step 4 – Leave

Well, this is an easy step, simply leave the fluid on your patio for 30 minutes. No need to do anything else, sit back and get a cuppa!

Step 5 – Scrub

Now it’s time to get a hard-bristled outdoor garden brush and give your patio a good scrub. Really try to work the Jeyes fluid in well and don’t be afraid to put plenty of elbow grease in here.

The more you scrub here the better your overall effect will be, you really want to make sure you get the Jeyes fluid into all the cracks between patio slabs.

Clean with a hard bristled brush
Clean with a hard-bristled brush

Step 6 – Rinse off

Now it is time to rinse off all of the jeyes fluid. I used a few buckets of luke-warm water for this, again from the high point on your patio.

Step 7 – Repeat Cleaning (optional)

Now, this step is completely optional but it is something I did to get the great results shown below. I repeated the cleaning again with a fresh bucket of diluted Jeyes fluid.

I got the 300ml tub so had two full cleans worth of fluid so thought why not? Cleaning with Jeyes fluid is very low effort cleaning, so repeating the steps multiple times really doesn’t take long.

Finished Results

So this is what I managed to achieve after a fairly easy clean with Jeyes fluid. I know that in one photo the patio is dry and the other wet, which can make a difference to how it appears but the difference is still obviously clear.

How to clean a patio with jeyes fluid
How to clean a patio with jeyes fluid

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