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Can You Use Wall Paint On Wood?

Everyone has a tin of emulsion lying around. If you have some wood that’s needs painting and a spare tin of wall paint then you may well be tempted to use it, but can you? Can you use wall paint on wood? Let’s find out.

Yes, you can use wall paint on wood. But it is not without drawbacks. Wall paint is not typically that durable and is usually not waterproof either so it can easily get damaged.

There is nothing to stop emulsion from going onto wood. it will paint on really well and stick to the wood well.

The problems come with durability. Wall paint is not designed to be that tough, it is never meant to be touched or sat on for example.

That is why there can be a lot of issues when using wall paint on wood that comes into regular contact with either people or other objects.

Potential Issues

So while you can do it, as I mentioned earlier there are a ton of potential issues.

A major one will be adhesion. Because wall paint is not created to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, it isn’t all that resilient.

Because of this, wall paint used on wood, particularly wooden furniture will chip and scrape off over time. It will do this a lot quicker than actual furniture paint would do.

So while your finish may look great at first, it will age very quickly and look tatty before long.

Another potential pitfall is the paint rubbing off on your clothing. If you have ever rubbed up against a white wall by accident while wearing black pants then you might have noticed how much of the colour rubs off on you.

Now imagine this but with a chair. You could sit down and then end up with an embarrassing white bum.

Then on top of all the above issues, there is the problem of dirt. With wall paint being matt it will easily attract dirt. Then couple that with the fact that most emulsions are not washable and you can already see a big problem emerging.


So, in conclusion, we can say that while you can use wallpaper on wood and that it will actually paint on well there can be a lot of problems later down the line.

It will chip and scrape off, get dirty with no way of cleaning it and may even leave a stain on your clothing. SO yeah, not great. So while it can be used it probably shouldn’t be used.

If the wood is out of the way and won’t get touched or dirty then yes you could use wall paint on it without issue. But these situations are very limited, areas such as skirting get dirty a lot quicker than you think which is why gloss has been the tridiagonal paint here, because of just how easy it is to clean.

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