Can You Use Zinsser AllCoat on Concrete?

Zinsser AllCoat is a paint that’s quickly gaining popularity due to its quality and ability to be used on tons of different surfaces. But can you use Zinsser AllCoat on concrete? Let’s find out, I have a tin of AllCoat and some concrete so let’s get some testing done.

Can you use Zinsser AllCoat on concrete?

Yes! From my testing I found that AllCoat paints onto concrete well, it adheres well when fully dry and can also be left out in the elements. So all bases covered!

My testing

So how did I come to the conclusion above? Well, it’s pretty simple really, I tested it!

Now you will be wondering what the testing entails, it’s pretty simple actually. I just got a concrete block and painted it with some Zinsser AllCoat, I also painted it with lots of different paints at the same time to use as reference.

All of the paints I tested on concrete
All of the paints I tested on concrete

Painting the Concrete

Test one, painting the concrete block. This will immediately answer one simple question, how easy is it to apply AllCoat to concrete.

Well, it turns out, it’s very easy. The AllCoat applied really well, just using a simple paintbrush. The paint covered really well and covered all of the nooks and crannies, so no complaints at all here.

Painting Zinsser Allcoat on Concrete
Painting Zinsser Allcoat on Concrete

Adhesion Test

So we now know that AllCoat paints onto concrete well, but does it stick?

How well paint sticks to any surface is commonly called adhesion. There are lots of different reasons why some paints may not stick that well to certain surfaces so this is definitely something that deserves testing.

So to test this I do what I always do. Grab some rough cut lumber and run it across the painted surface. This is quite aggressive and if any of the paint has not stuck properly then it will definitely either chip or flake.

Allcoat After Adhesion Test
Allcoat After Adhesion Test

Here is that same concrete block after the adhesion test. As you can see the paint has stuck really well, with no chipping or flaking at all. This shows that AllCoat will stick to concrete and there are no immediate problems with adhesion. These problems could come later down the line but this is a really encouraging sign.

Outdoors Test

So if you are painting concrete there is a good chance it may be outdoors. So because of this, you will want to know if the paint can last in the elements. Because of this, I moved the sample out into the elements, this is where it will stay now for the next year at least. This will allow me to see how the Zinsser AllCoat holds up in our Great British weather!

The concrete block outside in the sample pile
The concrete block outside in the sample pile

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