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How Long Does Oil Based Primer Take To Dry?

When working with oil-based paints one important factor to consider is drying time. Everyone knows that oil (or solvent) based paints take a lot longer to dry than water-based paints.

But just how much longer do they take? let’s have a look at some of the more popular oil-based primers and find out.

The short answer is, it varies. Some can be touch dry in 35 minutes, others 6 hours. It all depends on the individual paint, there is no one size fits all answer.

To help you out more we have included the drying times for some of the more popular oil-based primers below.

Wood & Metal Primers

Zinnser Cover Stain

This is an exceptional oil-based primer. Not only is it incredible at hiding stains and sticking to any surface but it is also incredibly fast drying for an oil-based primer.

It is touch dry in 35 minutes, recoatable in 2 hours and fully cures in 4-7 days.

This is one area in which oil-based paints differ from water-based, they take a good few days to properly cure and achieve full hardness.

Dulux Trade Undercoat Primer

Next up we have Dulux’s offering. This is probably one of the more popular oil-based primers on the market today for wood and metal use.

It provides excellent opacity and its high sheen level contributes to exceptional gloss retention. Suitable for use on correctly prepared and primed interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces

It is touch dry in 2-6 hours, recoatable in 6-16 hours.

Dulux does not provide a full cure time but you can be sure that it will be above 7 days at a minimum.

Crown Contract Undercoat Primer

Crown Contract Undercoat is a traditional solvent-borne undercoat that hides imperfections and acts as the perfect foundation to achieve a long-lasting finish.

It is touch dry in 4-6 hours, recoatable after 16 hours.

Again like Dulux, Crown paints do not provide a full cure time.

Johnstone’s Universal Primer

A real all-rounder, this primer works on iron, masonry, plaster and both soft and hardwood.

Expertly designed to increase paint durability, add additional protection to any materials being painted, and ensure better adhesion or paint to surfaces.

It is recoatable after 16-24 hours. A touch dry time or full cure time is not provided.

Metal Primers

Hammerite No1 Rust Beater Primer

Probably the metal primer most people will be familiar with. Hammerite is a household name when it comes to anything metal paint related.

Provides a high build finish to heavily pitted areas of rust and prevents new rust from forming. Kills rust, primes and undercoats all in one.

It is touch dry in 2 hours, recoatable in 6 hours.

A fully cured time is not provided.

No Nonsense Metal Primer

Easily grips to all types of metal creating a smoother surface for topcoat paint to be applied, whilst also protecting from future rust.

It is touch dry in 5-6 hours, unfortunately, Screwfix do not provide a re-coat or cure time.

Rust-oleum High Build Metal Primer

This is more of a industrial paint. But it does provide good information on just how long oil-based primers drying times can be.

High build metal primer for extra protection of bare or blasted metal. Maximum durability under severely corrosive conditions.

It is touch dry in 4 hours, recoatable in 24 hours.

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