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Can You Use Emulsion Paint on Hardboard?

Hardboard is commonly used for filling gaps in walls and boxing in pipework. For this reason, you may need to paint it. But can you simply paint hardboard with emulsion? let’s have a look.

Yes, you can. Hardboard is a great surface for painting onto and emulsion can be painted straight onto hardboard.


Painting Hardboard

Hardboard is actually a really simple surface to paint. it doesn’t need any special prep work. You can just slap that emulsion on there.

In fact, it is such a good painting surface that it is often used by artists to create their masterpieces on!

Do I need To Prime The Hardboard?

No, you don’t need to prime the hardboard before painting it with emulsion. The emulsion will adhere to hardboard just fine on its own.

If you want to prime though then there is no harm in doing it. Priming the hardboard won’t make anything worse.

It is just that for all the time, and expense of priming the hardboard before painting you don’t really gain anything.

But if you are ever in doubt you can never go far wrong with priming anything before painting it.

What Is Hardboard?

Hardboard is the harder brother to MDF. MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard, hardboard is high-density fibreboard.

It is stronger than MDF and much denser. The fibres used in hardboard are exploded fibres which are then highly compressed. This is what allows it to reach such high density and strength.

Hardboard is often used as pegboard, or in furniture construction, particularly as a backer board.

You don’t see hardboard in thick sheets, you only ever see it in the really thin sheets.

I’m guessing this is because a thick sheet would be incredibly heavy and probably stupidly expensive as well.

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