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Can You Use Wood Glue On Hardboard?

If you are building something out of hardboard then you may need to glue it. But can you just use regular wood glue with hardboard? After all, that shiny surface looks like it won’t take glue too well, doesn’t it?

Yes, you can use regular wood glue with hardboard. It doesn’t require any special glue or prep work to get wood glue to stick to it.

Even with the shiny surface, hardboard is just wood fibres, this is why regular wood glue should work well.

If you are still paranoid and the join will be hidden anyway then you could consider scuffing the hardboard up with some rough paper.

This will give a much rougher surface which will help the wood glue to stick.

Laminating Hardboard

Another reason you may want to answer this question is if you are planning on laminating some hardboard.

If you are then yes, you can simply use wood glue to laminate something onto hardboard.

If you are planning on this though I would advise just going over the surface of the shiny hardboard with some high grit paper.

This should scuff up the surface enough to make sure the glue really bonds well without leaving any deep scuffs which could show through the laminate depending on how thick it is.

I would recommend something like 240 grit paper. Like I said before, we don’t want to put deep gouges in the hardboard as these may be visible through the laminate. We are just trying to give the wood glue a little bit of extra help.

Could I Laminate To The Textured Side

You could, there is nothing stopping you from doing this. It will definitely help to increase the adhesion of the wood glue due to all the texture there is.

Whether this is viable or not will come down to what you are laminating. If it is really thin then you should not attempt this and should stick to the smooth side.

I say this because you will be surprised at just how much the wood glue can suck the laminate onto the sub surface.

If your laminate is really thin then you will see the texture through it once it has full dried.

What Is Hardboard?

Hardboard is the harder brother to MDF. MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard, hardboard is high-density fibreboard.

It is stronger than MDF and much denser. The fibres used in hardboard are exploded fibres which are then highly compressed. This is what allows it to reach such high density and strength.

Hardboard is often used as pegboard, or in furniture construction, particularly as a backer board.

You don’t see hardboard in thick sheets, you only ever see it in the really thin sheets.

I’m guessing this is because a thick sheet would be incredibly heavy and probably stupidly expensive as well.

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